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Dr. Tracy Cabot, famous author seen on Oprah and many other TV shows, offers:

Dr. Cabot's books have been translated into eleven languages.   Her Letting Go and How to Make A Man Fall in Love with You are the longest-selling love advice books in history, and she is the only major relationship author to have written a love advice book for men.

Is this about Cyberlove? Dr. Tracy says, "E-mail, Twitter and Facebook are cool, but that's their problem.   If you're interested in a love life away from the computer -- you know, real hugs instead of smileys and real sex instead of cybersex -- I can help you."

Unsolicited feedback:

I just wanted to remark on how great your advice is, always. It's remarkable how right-on you are, time after time. -- Lori

"Outstanding! I have learned more about relationships in this website than anywhere else. Keep up the good work!" -- James

"Fastest reality check I've ever gotten... saved me weeks of moping... Great, great web site..." -- Cynthia

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