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Note: While Dr. Tracy's books are widely available in paperback (two are the longest-selling love advice books in history), the original hardback versions have become collectibles.  Each book is personally autographed by Dr. Tracy before shipping.  Prices shown below include shipping via Priority Mail, double-sealed in padded envelopes (U.S. only).  Some slight scuffing of the dust jacket may occur in shipment.

For Men

Manpower -- How to Win the Woman You Want

A St. Martin's Press hardback for men -- price (while supplies last): $29.95

There's just no figuring women out, right? Wrong!

Manpower contains surefire simple techniques to help you win your fantasy woman, including:

  • Finding the woman you want -- and spotting the "Witches, Bitches and Crazy Ladies" you should avoid
  • How to tell if she's susceptible to Auditory, Visual, or Feelings stimulation-- and using this potent personal knowledge to create irresistible Love Chemistry
  • How to use "mirroring" and "anchoring" -- powerful psychological techniques that create lasting intimacy
  • Planning the perfect seduction
  • Getting what you want in bed
  • Learn to turn disinterest into interest, indifference into caring, and friendship into love
  • Rivet her attention on you, make her feel that you are her true soul mate and that you alone understand her
  • Gain perfect timing so you'll never hear the words, "No thanks" again

Books for Women

How to Make A Man Fall In Love With You

Dr. Tracy's longest-selling classic -- a St. Martin's Press hardback -- price (while supplies last): $29.95

Can you Make someone fall in love with you? Yes! says Dr. Tracy Cabot, and she tells you, step by step, how to:

  • Avoid "Crazy Love" and break out of "The Bastard Trap"
  • Apply powerful pyschological techniques to make the right man fall for you
  • Avoid "Giving Too Much Too Soon"
  • Handle love's problems and clinch the commitment

Marrying Later, Marrying Smarter

A McGraw-Hill hardback for women -- price (while supplies last): $19.95

Marrying Later, Marrying Smarter is for you if:

  • Busy with your career, you've put off marriage and now it seems like "all the good ones are taken"
  • You've had an unsuccessful marriage and are now ready to make a smarter choice
  • You're ready to stop jumping through hoops for every man you date
  • You're ready to put aside preconceived ideas of how romance should happen and make it happen.
(Note: the book pictured is the paperback version. You will receive the hardback verson.)

How to Keep A Man In Love With You Forever

A McGraw-Hill hardback -- price (while supplies last): $19.95

How do some couples manage to stay so deeply in love for so long? How do they keep romance part of their lives? In a book every woman in love should have, Dr. Tracy Cabot shares the secrets of long-lasting love, including how to:

  • Achieve deeper intimacy with your mate
  • Balance the power in your relationship
  • Stop problems by using nonconfrontational solutions
  • Feel free to love without fear of loss
(Note: the book pictured is the paperback version. You will receive the hardback verson.)

How to Order

Please send Dr. Tracy an e-mail at specifying which book(s) you want.  Be sure to include your name and shipping address.

As soon as we get your request, we will e-mail you payment instructions.  Payment is by check or Paypal.  Upon receipt of payment, your book will be shipped within two working days via Priority Mail.  Shipping is included in the above prices.

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