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2010 Columns

December 24th Column
He Blows Up, One Night Stand, Call Off the Wedding
November 22nd Column
Her Husband's Fantasy, He Gives Great Phone, Good Riddance
October 21st Column
Ex Won't Let Go, Unwanted Critics, He won't Stop smoking Pot For Her
September 23rd Column
Dad Has to Go, When No Means No, Torn between Two Men
August 20th Column
He Prefers His Own Company, Pretty Woman, Ladies Love Outlaws
July 24th Column
Too Stoned To Relate, Marrying a Family, He Wants a Three-Way Sexual Encounter
June 25th Column
Choosing FWB is Dangerous, Absentee Husband, Gaining Family Acceptance
May 19th Column
Why He Won't Commit, Money and Love, Too Many Friends With Benefits
April 14th Column
Ex-husband Paranoia, Why Stay?, Online Love
March 16th Column
Man Wearing Women's Panties, Affair with A Married Man, Dreams of an Ex
February 17th Column
What About His Kids, Fantasy Love, A Very Dangerous Problem
January 20th Column
Holding Out on Sex, Fantasy Relationship, Be Happy He's Gone

2009 Columns

December 13th Column
Cheater's Guilt, Reckless Relationships, What and When to Tell About an Ex
November 18th Column
Afraid to Love, Is Sex Important?, He's Hot For Stockings, She's Not
October 23rd Column
Loving but not In Love, Moral Man Hot for an Immoral Woman, Turned on by Bad Boys
September 22nd Column
Wants Him Back, The Wrong Song, A Woman's Sexual Peak
August 19th Column
She Wants To Know Where She Stands, Big Bust Problem, Still Hung Up on His Last Girlfriend
July 24th Column
Hooked on an Ex, Is Looking Flirting?, Freaked Out About Having Kids
June 18th Column
Changing Friendship to Love, Engaged and Worried, Feeling Used
May 21st Column
Is he a keeper?, Right Man, Wrong Ring, A Dangerous Meeting
April 23rd Column
Head Over Heels, Mother Madness, Jealousy
March 24th Column
To Marry or Not?, Too Much Sex, Relatives or Relationship
February 27th Column
Relationship Deathknell, Teenage Crushes, Lost Opportunity
January 22nd Column
A Fool For Love, Way Too Horny for His Own Good, Too Old For Parents To Control

2008 Columns

December 21st Column
Reading His Emails, A Clash with his Culture, Lovesick Over Teacher
November 23rd Column
Serious With a Pot Smoker, Too Many Obstacles To Coupling, Open Marriage Problems
October 30th Column
Inviting Fiance's Dead Ex-wife's Parents to Wedding, Love with conditions, Sex With the Boss
August 14th Column
Wanting Him Back, In Love with an Uneducated Man, A Pet Name of her Own
July 29th Column
Paternity Puzzle, Young Love Frustrations, Am I a Lesbian?
June 27th Column
Newlywed Problem, A Rose by Any Other Name is Still a Rose, Dating a Pothead
April 30th Column
In Love With A Best Friend, Baby vs. Husband, Bad Marriage Is In The Way
March 30th Column
Silent Messages, Sneaky Computer Porn, Haunted by the Past
Plus note from Dr. Tracy re her husband's cancer and her postings
January 20th Column
Bridal Fever, Entrepreneurial Fever, Still Friends with Ex-Lovers After Marriage

2007 Columns

December 8th Column
Wild Child, Stepchild Hell, Love and Self-esteem
November 11th Column
Saying "I love you", When to Tell the Truth, No Undies, no Nookie
October 7th Column
Having Doubts About Love, Nude TV Viewer, Can you say "Flake?"
September 9th Column
Moving for Love, Obsessed With An Ex, When the Odds Are Awful
August 22nd Column
Boyfriend's Baggage, When All the Men are Jerks, Who's in Charge?
(No Columns in 2007 until August; Dr. Tracy still helping her husband fight cancer.)

2006 Columns

(No Columns during remainder of 2006; Dr. Tracy devoting herself to helping her husband fight cancer.)
July 23rd Column
A Mate But Not A Match?, Open Marriage 2nd Thoughts, A Fool in Love
July 9th Column
"Needing Space", Stand By Your Man, Will He Change?
June 4th Column
He's Perfect But…, Trusting Him Again, Ex-Husband Hassles
May 28th Column
Men Who Need Control, Wants a Confession, Vacation Love
May 21st Column
The "Interim Man", Driving Men Away, Runaway Jerk
May 7th Column
Getting Married, Or?, Online Dating, Keeping Her Hooked
April 30th Column
Weakness for "Damsels in Distress", Daughter Dearest, Living Together Blues
March 23th Column
A Man Who Doesn't Like Children, In Business With A Lover, Guys Who Don't Make Moves
March 5th Column
What a Committed Relationship Means, She Wants Sex Now, When Is a Fetish Wrong?
February 19th Column
Interracial Marriage; Promises, Promises; Dating the Not-Quite-Divorced
February 5th Column
Fear of Commitment, The Doormat Husband, Is Honesty Always the Best Policy?
January 29th Column
More Parent Problems, Three-Way Fantasy, Bi-Sexually Curious
January 15th Column
Burned Out Fast, Wants Them Both, Baby Hunger Runs Amuck
January 8th Column
Husband "Not Happy", A Younger Person's Love, When to say "I love you"
January 1st Column
What Will My Ex Think?, He's "Not Ready", Avoiding Sex

2005 Columns

(No December Columns; Dr. Tracy off for the Holidays.)
November 27th Column
Home For The Holidays, A Man Who Can't Share, Overweight and shy
November 13th Column
He Can't Forgive Her "Past", Problems from Rushing Things, Male Baby Hunger
October 30th Column
Why Can't A Guy Say No?, Cheapskate Boyfriend?, Is Porn A Reason For Divorce?
October 16th Column
Check With The Ex, The Age-Old Pregnancy Trap, A Crush On The Boss
October 9th Column
Baby Hunger, Men Who Can't/Won't Commit, Drama Queen
September 25th Column
Too Ugly or Too Old To Love? In Love and Scared, Mother-In-Law from Hell
September 18th Column
Desperate for a Hug, Living Together, Smoker Being Manipulated
September 11th Column
Whose Money Is It Anyway?, Viagra Alone Doesn't Make It, What Is Enough
August 28th Column
Six Years is Too Long, The Endlessly Critical Girlfriend, A Man With No Baggage
August 14th Column
Bad Men or …, In Love With Two Men, Can He Be Trusted?
August 7th Column
But He Promised He'd Call!, Unable to Commit, The Most Common Female Fantasy
July 24th Column
When Kinky Sex Gets Nutsy, Better Off Alone, Same Time Next Year?
July 3rd Column
Guys Who Don't Want Sex, Making Men Fall In Love With You, Taking Him Back
June 26th Column
Now It's Sex Only, When to Say "I Love You," The Married Man Trap
June 19th Column
Virginity as a Problem, Carried Away - Far Away - With Cyberlove, Call Off the Wedding!
June 12th Column
Beware of Young Girls, The Grass is Greener, A Woman's Sexual Peak
May 29th Column
Friendship's Not Enough, Sneaking Her Into Swinging, She Wants to be Married or Dead
May 15th Column
Stuck on Mr. Wrong, A "Dear John" Letter, Women -- Can't Figure Them Out
May 8th Column
When You Can't Help, Confused Virgin, Lots of Excuses But No Wedding Date
May 1st Column
Her Mother Hates Him, What's His Game?, Jealous Swinger
April 24th Column
I Love You -- Goodbye!, He Likes Her Undies, Wants To Be More Than Friends
April 3rd Column
He Married a Lesbian, Vibrator Madness, Yearning For His High School Sweetheart
March 13th Column
Bashful Bi, Sex and Religion, For Love not Money
February 27th Column
When Not To Listen, What We Do For Love, How To Choose
February 13th Column
To Parent or Not to Parent…, A "No Gifts" Guy, Doesn't Like His Friends
January 30th Column
Valentine's Day Blues, Saying "I Love You", Not the Right Bling Bling
January 23rd Column
Great Guy, Bad Sex, Looking for Fatherhood, A Younger Man
January 16th Column
Three Strikes and You're Out!, Relationship Insurance, A Pet, Not a Partner
January 9th Column
Keeping Secrets, A Beautiful Friend, Timing is Everything

2004 Columns

(No further December Columns; Dr. Tracy off for the Holidays.)
December 5th Column
Good Enough To Play House, But…, His Ex Is Hovering, Trust
November 28th Column
To Tell Or Not To Tell, When Things Get Strange, Mistress at Xmas
November 21st Column
Commitment Timing, His Past is In Her Present, Father-in-Law from Hell
November 7th Column
When a Man Says "No", Something's Missing, Obsessing on a Lover
October 31st Column
Dangerous Signals, Putting Herself Out There With No Results, Old Lovers as Friends?
October 24th Column
Why Someone Isn't Attracted To You, When You Don't Get The Response You Want, Emotional Co-dependence
October 17th Column
In Love With a Cross-dresser, He’s a Momma’s Boy, His Email From Another Woman
October 3rd Column
Choosing Men, Finding An Old Love, Can A Pregnant Woman Date?
September 26th Column
Porn Stars in His Eyes; Strip Bars, Picking Fights and Self-Esteem; Marriage Material
September 19th Column
Commitment Phobic Or?, Masher or Pal?, A Physical Relationship
September 12th Column
His Jokes Hurt, He Won't Get A Divorce, Waiting for a "Love Accident"
September 5th Column
Is This Behavior Normal?, Single Mom Dating Dilemma, What About One More Shot?
August 29th Column
Put On Hold, Why Hubby Won't Stand Up For Her, In Love Vs. Love
August 22nd Column
When "Pushing" Becomes Ridiculous, Baggage, Bad or Worse
August 8th Column
Marriage in Name Only, Single Mother, Joining an Open Marriage
July 25th Column
Dangerous Dancing, Panty Power, Bimbo Alert
July 18th Column
A Secret Engagement, Disabled Dating, His Female Friend
July 11th Column
Nice Guys Finish Last, An Affair to Forget, His Clock is Ticking
June 20th Column
Annoying Habits, A Dead Relationship, Haunted by his Dead Wife
June 13th Column
Wanting To Be Married, How Do You Know Who’s The Right Person?, In Love With Two Men
June 6th Column
Desperate for Signs of Love, Love or Work, Not A Real Marriage
May 30th Column
Cheating?, Romeo and Juliet, Wait or Get Out?
May 9th Column
Living with Mom, Being Used?, Pursuing a Man Who’s Dating Someone Else
April 25th Column
Is He Playing Me?, What Can a Shy Guy Do?, Inexplicable Connection
April 18th Column
A Bad Kisser, What to Tell Your Partner, Without A Ring
April 11th Column
Taking Him Back, Is It Worth It?, A Friend’s Bad Decision
March 28th Column
Wrestling Match, Men and Work, Just Want to be “In-Love” Again
March 21st Column
Money and Dating, Sunk Emotions, Feeling Unloved
March 14th Column
His Relationship With God, On the Rebound, Why Does He Keep Doing This To Me?
March 7th Column
Bored Bride, Just Sex?, Some Relationships Are Weird
February 22nd Column
The Sweet Seduction of Fast Money, Girlfriend Disappears With Magician, Stay or Go?
February 8th Column
Valentine’s Day Hell, Falling Out Of Love, Blowing it Big Time
February 1st Column
The Intimacy Factor, Timing Is Everything, In Love With An Alcoholic
January 25th Column
Love and Butterflies, Her Ex Is Dead, But…, Not Ready To Marry
January 18th Column
Not Ready To Marry, Pre-Marital Blues, Some Men Are Just Duds
January 11th Column
He Wants Her To Be His Dominatrix, Breaking Up Blues, Hair
January 4th Column
Paying To Meet His Family, Confused Crossdresser, Not Quite A Commitment

2003 Columns

(No December Columns; Dr. Tracy off for the Holidays.)
November 16th Column
Kissing Counts, Really Nice Guys, Money Problems
November 9th Column
Her Male Friend, The Baby Problem, Sparks are Dying
November 2nd Column
Fantasy Sex, The One That Got Away, Relationship Compromises
October 26th Column
A Man Without a Career, Her Bi-History, Using Him Backfires
October 19th Column
Wants to be First, Orgasm Questions, Loving Crazy Ladies
October 5th Column
In Love With A Married Woman, Uphill Battle With His Family, Swinging Isn’t Easy
September 28th Column
Men Who Can’t Decide, Sex and Fantasizing, His Female Friend
September 21st Column
Marriage Psycho, A Man From Her Past, Best Friends vs. Love
September 14th Column
Men Who Are Born Users, Changing Friendship To Love, Who’s In Charge?
September 7th Column
When She Makes More Money, What to Give Up For Love, Kids Are Forever
August 31st Column
Sex With An Ex, Telling A Friend That You Love Them, Wedding Interruptus
August 17th Column
Who Pays?, Online Dating Profiles and Commitment, Broken Promises
August 10th Column
Watch Out For Men Like This, A Call From His Wife, Don’t Tell
August 3rd Column
Long Distance Love, Her Old Friend, Obsessed With An Old Love
July 27th Column
“Just for sex” Isn't Working, Was She Wrong?, Her Fantasy
July 13th Column
Paternity Puzzle, In Love With Two Men, Ex-Wife In Her Life
July 6th Column
Men Who Don’t Make Moves, Living Together -- All Together, Not Worth Keeping
June 29th Column
Poison Fix-up, Wants More Romance, Whoops, He’s Married
June 22nd Column
Culture Clash, Problems With An Ex, Feeling Used
June 15th Column
Baby Comes First, When Fights Become Abuse, Ladies Love Outlaws
June 8th Column
She’s Ruining A Perfect Relationship, A Fool for Love, Mom Wants To Arrange Her Marriage
June 1st Column
Vacation Romance, Playing With Fire, In Love With A Woman Who Isn’t Interested
May 25th Column
Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks, Sleeping with Ex’s, Her Love is Embarrassing
May 11th Column
Is He Cheating?, Excitement Junky in Love, Rejected by His Daughter
May 4th Column
Ready For Sex, Girlfriend Lies About Him, Sleeping With Strangers
April 27th Column
Men Who Come On Too Strong, Relationships of Convenience, Tough Requirements
April 6th Column
Marrying a Geek, His Woman Friend, Married Men are Poison
March 30th Column
Prisoner of Love, A Princess is a Pain, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
March 23rd Column
Creepy Ex Dating Best Friend, Mother From Hell, Transvestite Pornography
March 16th Column
Controlling Parents, Verbal Abuse, Fundamental Differences
March 9th Column
Men Who Love You, But…, Surviving Cheating, Women Who "Need Space"
February 23rd Column
Sex On A First Date, Gifts and Holidays, Sex for Three
February 16th Column
Not Getting Enough Time, Visiting With Parents, A Price For Everything
February 9th Column
Puff Puffing Their Love Away, A Friend In Terrible Trouble, Valentine’s Day
February 2nd Column
Mother-In-Law Tales, Asking for Trouble, Online Relationship Games People Play
January 26th Column
Does Living Together Lead To Marriage?, Nice Guy Finishes Last, Why Does She Love Him
January 19th Column
Virginity - Tell or ??, Is My Wife A Lesbian?, A Fantasy Love
January 12th Column
When to Tell What, Falling Back In Love, Pregnant and Confused

2002 Columns

December 29th Column
Sex Without Problems, His Kid Drives Her Nuts, Hard Choices
(No December 15th or 22nd Columns; Dr. Tracy off for the Holidays.)
December 8th Column
Feelings For Her Ex, Break Up Or Stay Together, Angry At Her Own Choices
December 1st Column
In Love With A Commitment Phobe, Prenuptial Agreement, Men Who Tease
November 17th Column
Women Who Give Too Much, Verbal Abuse, Peeking Through Keyholes
November 10th Column
The Wedding Ring, Where There's Smoke…, Crazy Ladies And The Men Who Love Them
November 3rd Column
When To Get Out, Too Old, The Wrong Man
October 27th Column
Husband's No Nooky Lament, The "L" Word, Scared by Pregnancy
October 6th Column
A Married Boyfriend, The Porn Collector, Looking For A Formula
September 29th Column
Second-Time-Around Problems, Can Men Change?, Most Relationships Don't Work
September 22nd Column
What Counts As Cheating?, Getting to Marriage, Nagging Wife
September 15th Column
Just Wants To Be Friends, Is She Too Young?, When To Tell About the Past
September 8th Column
Culture Clash, A Woman of Independent Means, First Love
September 1st Column
Embarrassing Her Boyfriend, Good Vibrations, Divorced and Unsure
August 18th Column
A Silent Agreement, Moving for Love, How To Be Great In Bed
August 11th Column
Size Is A State of Mind,Marrying Mr. Wonderful, Married Before
August 4th Column
Hung Up On Her Ex, Her Elusive Orgasm, Telling About Her Past
July 28th Column
About to Blow It Bigtime, A Stray Arrow, After a Break-Up
July 21st Column
Internet Porn, Afraid of Getting Hurt, To Tell or Not to Tell
July 14th Column
Engagement Issues, Afraid to Commit, Run, Run, Run
July 7th Column
Playing Hard To Get, Wants Him To Pop The Question, Men Who Can't Love
June 23rd Column
Another Mistake, Busy With Friends, Swinging Just A Little
June 16th Column
Lost Virginity, Vacation Romance, Love at First Sight
June 2nd Column
Can He Be Trusted?, Terrorizing Ex, Old Lovers Never Die
May 26th Column
Creating Monsters, An Extremist Boyfriend, Too Young To Be In Love
May 19th Column
Is This Cheating?, Men Who Don't Want Sex, Too Much Baggage
May 12th Column
She Wants To Move In, Who Gets the Ring, Commitment
May 5th Column
Wants Him Back, Almost Single, Singing A Sour Note
April 21st Column
Why Demanding People Find Love, Blown Away By A Smoker, Abusive Men
April 14th Column
Make Him Crawl, What's Sexy?, Selfish Men Make Bad Husbands
April 7th Column
Penpal in the Pen, Afraid to Commit, A Virgin's Lament
March 31st Column
Problems With His Selfish Family, Can't Trust, Dealing With Children from His Previous Marriage
March 17th Column
His Brother's Keeper, Crazy in Love, Getting Him Back
March 10th Column
More than a Religious Problem, Pressured to Marry, Does their Age Difference Matter?
March 3rd Column
Swinging vs. Open Relationship, The Relationship Kiss of Death, Her Daughter's Last Chance
February 17th Column
Living Together, Asian Women, Pushing Too Hard
February 10th Column
Strip Clubs, Two Time Loser, Is He Unfaithful?
February 3rd Column
Beauty is Only Skin Deep, To Tell or Not to Tell, When Religions Differ
January 27th Column
When Three's Not a Crowd, In A State of Shock, Toxic Relationships
January 20th Column
Married Men Make the Best Lovers?, Erasing His Old Memories, Toxic Parents
January 13th Column
Out of Town Does Count, Do Not Trust This One, Gives Great Phone
January 6th Column
Best Friends, In Love with a Younger Man, Crazy Love

2001 Columns

(No December 22nd or December 29th Columns; Dr. Tracy off for the Holidays.)
December 16th Column
Rich Guys are Different, Mistress to Wife, Meeting the Family
December 9th Column
She Likes Sex, The Camera Lies, No Fool like an Old Fool
December 2nd Column
Marriage Phobic, Sex Too Soon?, A Wife on the Loose
November 25th Column
When An Old Lover Appears, Cross-Dressing Fiancé, Can This Relationship Be Saved?
November 11th Column
Different Tastes, Learning to Tell the Difference, Making a Move
November 4th Column
Wife To Share, Is He For Real Or Is She Being Led On?
October 21st Column
Internet Not Just for Beauty Queens, Do All Women Cheat?, Critical Men
October 14th Column
Do All Men Cheat?, Her Husband Hates Sex, Answering Personals
October 7th Column
Crazy for Cousin, Asking Him, Online Boyfriend
September 30th Column
Rush to the Altar, When Love Hurts, Sneaking Around
September 23rd Column
Life's Not Perfect, Getting Screwed, Wedding Day Nag
September 16th Column
The Terrorist Attack, A Younger Woman Burns Out, Mates Before Dates
September 2nd Column
His Fantasy Woman, Driving Him Crazy, When To Get Out
August 26th Column
Can Psychics Predict Love?, Nice Guys (and Doormats) Finish Last, Response to 8/19 Column
August 19th Column
Love Without Marriage or Children, The Wrong Way to Get A Man, His Girlfriend's Best Friend
August 5th Column
His Little Lies, Too Much Time With His Mother, Wedding Rituals Tearing Them Apart
July 29th Column
Less Than Perfect Marriage Proposal, Big Beautiful Love, The Flighty Princess
July 22th Column
What's Cheating and What's Not, Lover's Tantrums, Worried About His Ex
July 15th Column
Crazy Love, Internet-style, When a Woman Loves A Woman, Dangerous Man
July 8th Column
Sex Does Nothing For Her, Waiting Too Long, Too Young To Really Be In Love
June 24th Column
Old Boyfriend, Old Spark, Speed Kills, A Heart That's Been Broken and Broken and Broken
June 17th Column
Can't Trust, Lousy Live-In, Guilt Ridden
June 10th Column
Her Cross-dressing Husband, Guys Who Make You Crazy, The Virgin Problem
June 3rd Column
Worried About Her Boyfriend's Ex, Putting Up With Flaky Guys, Little Brother From Hell
May 13th Column
Lousy Kisser, Her Love or Her Kids, A Good Time to Break Up
May 6th Column
Ruined by Porn, Men Who Never Grow Up, Too Tame in the Bedroom
April 29th Column
Crazy In Love, Money Problems, What's Important in a Mate
April 22nd Column
Whom Can You Trust, Too Young To Be Serious, Separated But Not Divorced
April 1st Column
A Dangerous Man, Her Lover's Past, He Wants a Threesome
March 25th Column
Dating a Doctor, In Touch With An Ex, Marriage and Money
March 18th Column
A Woman is More Than Her Body, Sex Doesn't Cost That Much, Loving Her Ex
March 11th Column
Baby Hunger, Jealous Over An Ex's Happiness, Abusive Controlling Men Don't Change
February 11th Column
Blame It On The Bird, A Woman of a Certain Age Wants To Marry, Married Women Don't
February 4th Column
Irked by her Career, Why Men Fear Marriage, Her Boyfriend's Spying
January 28th Column
Afraid of Losing Him; Who Pays For What, Who Owns What?; When To Say "I Love You"
January 21st Column
He Wants Children, She Has Enough, Threesomes Can Be Dangerous, A Boyfriend To Beware Of
January 7th Column
Waiting To Break Up, Is He Being a Jerk?, Dating Agencies

2000 Columns

(No December 24th or December 31st Columns; Dr. Tracy off for the Holidays.)
December 17th Column
A Hooker's Bite, Gay Lust, She Found His Pictures
December 10th Column
Her Fella's Fantasy, Married To A Man, In Love With A Woman, His Past Includes Hookers
December 3rd Column
Mixed Marriage, His Ex-wife's Picture, Needing "Space"
November 26th Column
Is He Interested?, Torn Between Two Lovers, Coming Out
November 12th Column
Wants to Know Where It's Going, Gay Love, Hubby Wants to Watch
November 5th Column
Getting Him Back, Hot for Her Boss, To Call or Not to Call, That is The Question
October 29nd Column
Social Butterfly and Stick-in-the-Mud, Yipes! Her fiancé is Married, Common Law Marriage
October 22nd Column
A Crazy-Maker?, Asking Him Out, Having It All
October 15th Column
House + Dog + Joint Checking=Marriage, In Search of Three-Way Sex, Internet Cheat
October 8th Column
Too Old for a 20-Year-Old; Grooms Don't Plan Weddings; Bi, Gay, Straight?
October 1st Column
Excuses Men Make, Her Husband Wears the Panties, A Woman in Love
September 24th Column
I Want Another Woman Fast, Men Who Inhale, A Man With A Past
September 17th Column
Old Porn Star, Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Cyber-Jerk
September 10th Column
When They Get Mad, Internet Love, Eyes Wide Shut
August 20th Column
Her Legs Turn Him Off, His Internet Affair, Pictures of His Ex
August 13th Column
A Confirmed Bachelor?, He's Never Satisfied, Chat Room Lies
August 6th Column
Swinging Gone Bad, Love Online, No Sunshine When She's Gone
July 30th Column
Dirty Dancing, Reading His Signals, Gay Husband
July 23rd Column
A Husband's Dangerous Friendship, Men Who Won't Wear Condoms, She Runs Hot and Cold
July 16th Column
Tempted by a Lap Dance, Putting the First-Date-Sex Genie back in the Bottle, Pictures of His Ex
July 9th Column
Good Vibrations, In Love With A Gay Guy, A Crazy-Maker
June 25th Column
The Virgin's Dilemma, What is Cheating?, His Broken Heart is Driving Him to Drink
June 18th Column
Pearls Before Swine, Wants To Share His Wife, Is She Interested in More?
June 11th Column
He Doesn't Feel "The Passion," Sucked In by A Vampire, Money Matters
June 4th Column
Swinger's Dance, Boyfriend in the Wings, Mother-in-Law From Hell
May 21st Column
Beware the Au Pair, How Much To Put Up With, Last Chance For Love
May 14th Column
Deserves To Be Married, In Love With an Ex, Climbing the Wrong Rock
May 7th Column
Dances For Wolves, Mooning Over A Dead Ex, Sex For Fun
April 30th Column
Will First Love Last?, Sexy Secrets in the Attic, The Princess and the Frog
April 23rd Column
Dragged to Bed, He Wears Heels, A Flirting Friend
April 16th Column
Not Gay to Stay, Reading The Signs, Parents Don't Approve
April 9th Column
Right Woman, Wrong Time, A Fool For Love, Confessions Aren't Always Good For The Soul
April 2nd Column
Can't Stop Fighting Long Enough To Get Married, He's Got Two Loves, She Wants to Try a Woman
March 26th Column
A Dangerous Game, A Secret Past, Foolish To Be Friends
March 19th Column
Enable No More, Can't Get Over Her Past or His, Don't Put Anything in Writing
March 12th Column
My Wife Works at a "Gentlemen's Club"; Dump the Guy, Get a Dog; Help With Stepkids
March 5th Column
If You Have To Fight, Fight Fair, When He's Not Romantic, When He "Needs Variety"
February 20th Column
Breaking Up Is Easier Than Cracking Up, The Sounds of Love, Waiting To Hear The Magic Words
February 13th Column
Her Best Friend's Wedding, Coping With A Cross-Dresser, Won't Hold Her Hand
February 6th Column
In Love With Her Sister's Man, My Lover's Kid Is Driving Me Nuts, Sex Before Marriage
January 30th Column
"We're not Swingers, but...", Bothered by His Past, In Love with a Hooker
January 23rd Column
Bride Fever, Entrepreneurial Madness, Ex-Lovers as Friends After Marriage
January 16th Column
To Marry or Not?, Open Marriage, A Fool for Lesbian Love
January 9th Column
Long Distance Love, Stand By Your Man, Will He Change?
January 2nd Column
Wedding Day Blues, Run Around Naked, Slobs Need Love Too

1999 Columns

(December 19th and 26th Columns skipped; Dr. Tracy off for the Holidays)
December 12th Column
He Doesn't Want Children, Mixing Business With A Relationship, Undemonstrative Men
December 5th Column
Looking For One Good Man, When To Get Out, Mother-In-Law Hell
November 28th Column
Getting A Guy; Love Me, Love My Tree; He Calls Her By His Ex's Name
November 21st Column
A Controlling Man, Why Can't He (or Won't He) Commit?, She's Irresistible to Him
November 14th Column
He "Needs Space", No Longer Lonely in Texas, To the Bigot in Disguise
November 7th Column
Living Together, Wants Sex Now, Is My Fetish Sick?
October 31st Column
Is the Age Difference Too Much? Marriage or Else, Parents vs. fiancé
October 24th Column
Verbally Abusive Boyfriend, Fear of Intimacy, Menage a Trois
October 17th Column
Love Me, Love My Dog, A Really Bad Surprise, He's Hot and She's Not
October 10th Column
Love With a Younger Man, Online Lies, More Interracial Problems
October 3rd Column
Interracial and Semi-Engaged, Waiting Too Long to Get Married, Dating Men who are "Separated"
September 26th Column
Fear of the "M" Word, Married and Miserable, Honesty: The Best Policy?
September 19th Column
Parent Problems Again, Can We Swing?, Bi-Curious
September 12th Column
Unhappy Husband, The Age Difference Problem, The "L" Word
August 29th Column
Attached to an Ex, Desperate and Depressed, To have Sex or…
August 22nd Column
Falling in Love on Vacation, Gay Girls and "The Look," Older Woman Catches Young Man's Eye
August 15th Column
Worried About Her Past, Confused and Scared, Male Baby Hunger
August 8th Column
Double Standard, Cheapskate Boyfriend?, Husband's Pornography Bums Her Out
August 1st Column
Ex's Are Valuable, It Takes Two, Hots for The Boss
July 25th Column
Too Nice to Get What She Wants, Moving In Together Makes Parents Fume, The Woman of His Dreams?
July 18th Column
Too Cool to Choose, Settling for a Bi Guy, Three's A Crowd
July 11th Column
A Fool For Him, Nude Models Need Love Too, Can Kids Kill their Love?
June 20th Column
Never Had A Date, In Love but Insecure, Mother-In-Law Problems
June 13th Column
Desperate for Affection, Living Together Is Not Enough, A Lonely Smoker
May 30th Column
Six Years is Too Long, Memories Make Her Mad, A Man With No Baggage
May 23rd Column
Desperate Stepmom, Engaged but not Turned On, Healthy Anger
May 16th Column
Reconciliation Isn't Easy, When He Needs A Little Push, Porn Hubby
May 9th Column
Nine and a Half Months, She's Hot, He's Not, Wedding Bell Blues
May 2nd Column
In Love With a Married Man, Men Who Can't (Or Won't) Say "I Love You", Just For Sex
April 25th Column
A Virgin in Lust, On the Road To Morocco, Stop the Wedding!
April 18th Column
She's Perfect -- But..., A Too-Long Engagement, Nervous Breakdown in Hong Kong
April 11th Column
Dr. Tracy Returns -- Her Very Personal Message, Man Wants To Exchange 46-Yr.-Old For 17-Yr. Old, Old Love Letters
January 10th Column
Fear Of Valentine's Day, How Much Togetherness is Too Much, Barely A Virgin
January 3rd Column
Where is He? Why Doesn't He Call?; Trouble With Commitment; Her Female Fantasy

1998 Columns

(December 27th Column -- Time off for Dr. Tracy for the holidays)
December 20th Column
Christmas Party Regrets, Her Son is Driving Them Apart, Who Pays These Days
December 13th Column
Home for the Holidays, Man Who Can't Share, Wants Wife to be a Nudist too
December 6th Column
Relationship Danger Signal, Those Three Little Words -- When to Say Them, How Do You Have an "Open" Relationship?
November 22nd Column
Long Distance Love, Wife's Online Sweetie, Will He Like My Kids?
November 15th Column
Is Three A Crowd?, When It's A Kiss-Off, Is It Love?
November 8th Column
Little Miss Homewrecker, Prior Commitments, Sexual Peaks in Men and Woman
November 1st Column
Making His Wife's Fantasy A Reality, Wants to Get It Off Her Chest, In Cyberlove
October 11th Column
Boyfriend's Mysterious Disappearance; Panties Yes, Kids No; Lying, Cheating Husband
October 4th Column
No Easy Way Out, Crazy in Ireland, What To Do on a Date
September 27th Column
No Sex, Husband wants to Swing, Wants to be Married This Year or Dead
September 20th Column
The Masturbation Mystery, Getting Back Together, Transition Guy Feels Used
September 6th Column
Can't Fall in Love, May-December Romance, Is His Temper a Problem?
August 30th Column
Missing Sex Drive, The Parent Problem, In Defense of Indian parents
August 23rd Column
Ask Monica, Love His Kids, When to Forgive, When to Forget
August 9th Column
Letter Burning a Hole in Her Pocket, Choosing Between Wife and Masturbation, Letter to a Virgin
August 2nd Column
Moving in Together - Who Pays?, Cross-Dressers Can Be Fun, May+September=0 Kids
July 26th Column
Last Word on the "M" Word, Big Beautiful Woman Finds Truth, A Virgin with a Wonderful Life
July 19th Column
Crazy Love, May/December Romance, Old Enough to Know Better
July 12th Column
Too Angry to Love, Her Family Objects, Who to Choose -- Mr. Boring or Mr. Rocks My World
July 5th Column
Sometimes You Just Can't Win; Fear of Gay Love, Cross-Dresser Needs Love
June 28th Column
Who's In Charge; In Love vs. Loving; Who Grows, How Fast, and When
June 7th Column
Fascinated by an Older Man, Nice Guys Finish Last, Waiting Too Long
May 31st Column
Guys Who Wear the Panties, She's Been Moving Out For Two Years, No Nookie
May 24th Column
Sex With Her Ex, Best Friend's Role, Big Beautiful Woman Finds Truth
May 17th Column
His Ex is a Mess, Can't figure out Women, Attracted to Gorilla
May 3rd Column
Hopelessly Devoted to Mr. Wrong, A "Dear John" Letter, Wedding Date Blues
April 26th Column
Big Beautiful Woman in Love With Small Minded Man, His Buddy's Wife, Parents Can Only See Black and White
April 19th Column
Ex-Wife Won't Go Away, When To Tell, A Desperate Woman
April 12th Column
Children Don't Want Him To Remarry, In Love With A Married Man, Torn Between Two Men
April 5th Column
Blowing His Mind With the "M" Word, The "M" Word Didn't Make Him Jump With Joy; Surprise! She Wants To Get Married
March 29nd Column
Sick of Her, Lies Come Back to Haunt You, All the Men are Duds
March 22nd Column
Haunted by the Past, More than a Virgin, The "M" Word
March 15th Column
Love Me, Love My Dog, The Kid Question, Do Opposites Attract?
March 8th Column
Waiting for Him to Get His Act Together, Waiting for Him to Stop Cross-Dressing, Waiting for Him to Be a Daddy
February 22nd Column
The Couple that Masturbates Together..., Who Pays?, Controllers
February 15th Column
Mad Passionate Lover, Bi-Sexual Daddy, Her Toungue in His Mouth
February 8th Column
Stupid Rules, Sexy Feet, Loving a Player
February 1st Column
Lesbian Love, Lonely Dad, Ex-Wife Problems
January 25th Column
Money and Love, Men Who Wear the Panties, Men Who Don't
January 18th Column
What's With Clinton?, The Question of Children, Too Many Women
January 11th Column
In Love with a Married Man, Too Good To Be True, She Doesn't Want Sex
January 4th Column
Her Mother Hates Him, What's His Game, The Pain of Swinging

1997 Columns

(December 21-28/97: -- Time off for Dr. Tracy for the holidays)
December 14th Column
Dangerous Dad; Money, Money, Money; Smothering the Flame
December 7th Column
In Love with a Virgin, Masturbation, Can a Married Woman be a Lesbian?
November 30th Column
Not Getting any Younger, Still Looks Young, Trapped by Prejudice
November 23rd Column
I Love You... Goodby!, He Likes Her Undies, Wants to be More than a Friend
November 16th Column
Is Living Together Bad for a Future Marriage? Can I Make Her Love Me? Hopeless in Oklahoma
November 9th Column
Married Dancers Have to Tell, Cyber Swinging, A Doomed Relationship
November 2nd Column
Online Love Story, Different Religions, Mail Order Bride from Philippines
October 26th Column
Online Romance Gets Real, Perfectionist Problems, A Virgin and Proud of It
October 19th Column
Should We Live Together, Breaking Up is Hard To Do, Never Had a Boyfriend
October 12th Column
Jeckel & Hyde, Wanna Be Like Those Sexy Parents, Cultural Confusion
October 5th Column
Confused New Dater, Lovesick and Wants Him Back, A Crush on Her Teacher
September 7th Column
He's a Heartbreaker, The Kiss of Death, An Abusive Wife
August 31st Column
To Confess or Not, Marriage on the Rocks, In Love with Her Boss
August 24th Column
Love Won't Happen If You're Looking? Star-Crossed Lovers; His Kids Are A Pain
August 17th Column
Love Him, Can't Love His Mother; In Love or In Fantasy?; Will He Cheat Again?
August 10th Column
Why Did He Say No?, Faithful or Playing Around?, Time for an Ultimatum
July 20th Column
Can Friends Be Lovers? On Again, Off Again Love, Wants It Both Ways
July 13th Column
Hanging All Over Each Other, He Wants Too Much, Love Me Love My Cat
July 6th Column
Time To Let Go, No Kisses, He's Gone/She's Blue
June 29th Column
The Magic Words, Attracted and Crushed, Trouble on the Net
June 22nd Column
Making a Man Fall in Love, Her Friend's Ex, Her Guy's Family
June 15th Column
Flak from last week's column, Engaged and Depressed, Under Her Mother's Thumb
June 8th Column
Parents Too Sexy for their Kid?, "The Rules" will make you crazy, A Husband in Name Only
May 11th Column
When A Man Loves A Woman, Getting Her to Trust Him, Her Most Sensitive Part
May 4th Column
Third Wheel in a Threesome, Do Nice Guys Finish Last?, Her Parents Turn Him Off
April 27th Column
Lost Virginity, Lost Love, Wedding Day Blues, Interracial Relationship Problem
April 20th Column
In Love with a Married Man, Teenager In Love with an Older Man, He Wears High Heels
March 23rd Column
Internet Love, Broken-Hearted Mess-up, In Love with Lovable Flake
March 16th Column
CyberTrash, Wigged out in bed, When to have sex
March 9th Column
East Meets/Loves West, Bothered by her Past, Norwegian Girls
March 2nd Column
He Married a Lesbian, She's Got a Momma's Boy, Yearning For His High School Sweetheart
February 23rd Column
Almost Married, A Stripper for His Wife, Remorseful "Relationship Murderer"
February 16th Column
Sixteen and Old, Confused Love, Hot for a Friend's Girlfriend
February 9th Column
Will He Change? Discovering He's Bi, Oversexed
February 2nd Column
Romance in Cyberspace, He Blew It, Sign Language
January 26th Column
Seductive stud -- fact or fantasy?, Suspiciously unavailable man, Making love even harder to find
January 19th Column
Bewitched by "Cyberlove", Ready to commit! Now what?, Lost Virginity Blues

1996 Columns

December 29th Column
Is Reading Playboy Normal?, The Past Poisons the Present, Involved With Her Married Boss
December 22nd Column
"The Rules", Naked in the Backseat, The Good Old Days when Love was Free
December 15th Column
Bi and Shy, The Religion Problem, Ex "Escort"
November 24th Column
You're Never Too Young, The Sincerely Lovelorn Elvis, Don't Scare Him Away
November 17th Column
Beautiful is Tall and Blonde - NOT!, The Erection Problem, Fed up with Selfish Husband
November 10th Column
Long Distance Love Fades, Too Much Criticism Kills Love, Attracted to Men Who Are Taken
November 3rd Column
Too Immature to Love, Controlled By Her Parents, The Virginity Problem
October 27th Column
Lonely Beautiful Blonde, The Ex in her Life, Lousy Sex
October 20th Column
Vibrator Madness, Poet in Love, Net Dating Dilemma
October 13th Column
The "Other Woman" Blues, Broken Engagements, Pre-Marital Hornies
October 6th Column
Bisexual Trouble, She's Too Young, Dance Teacher's Darling
September 29th Column
NetCrazy Love, Is There Hope?, Consequences for Lovers
September 22nd Column
Romeo with a darkside, Love me, love my hair, Doing it one more time
September 15th Column
The Neanderthal Male, He Just Wants To Be Friends, Wants A More Perfect Man
August 25th Column
Nobody's Prince, The Sleeping Orgasm, Virgin Lover
August 18th Column
Older and Unrequited at 30, Wannabee Swinger, Slept with an ex
August 11th Column
Parting is such Sweet Sorrow, Baby hunger, He wants romance
August 4th Column
The Heel Repents, Good In Bed vs. Love, Is It Over or Not?
July 28th Column
Don't Tell!, Virgins are scarce, Commitment Phobic
July 14th Column
Too In Love, Looking for Mr. Right, Can Cyber-love Get Real?
July 7th Column
Worrying needlessly, More time vs. sex now?, Runs hot and cold
June 30th Column
Engaged and confused, Attracted to much older women, Virtual better than Real?
June 23th Column
Giving too much -- way too much, Driving 'em nuts, Feeling Rejected
June 16th Column
Will I Always be Kicked Around?, Playing with Fire, Why Can't I Have an Orgasm?
June 9th Column
Husband at the Neighborhood Bar, Just Friends, Love Me, Love My Kids
June 2nd Column
Tap-dancing on your heart, Tightwad Boyfriend, Ignored at parties
May 26th Column
When Crazies Recover, Slaves and Masters, Is this "The One"?
May 19th Column
Reluctantly in Control, An interfering mother, Impatient on Cloud Nine
May 12th Column
Time Waster, Too Many Friends?, The Big Rush
May 5th Column
A Toothless Deadline, Too Perfect for his own Good, Wanna-be Mom
April 28th Column
What's Wrong with Living Together?, A "Born-again Virgin", Cyber-flirting with Disaster
April 21st Column
Crazy ladies, A Friend -- or A Lover?, Entrepreneurial madness
April 14th Column
The "Evil Girlfriend", Needing to be needed, Lesbian possessiveness
April 7th Column
Lost in lust, A Jerk is a Jerk is a Jerk, Being a Doormat
Mar. 31st Column
A problem With Porn, Choosing to be childless?, Escaping an abuser
Mar. 24th Column
Sexual incompatibility, The "Dance-Away Lover," Caught up in being single
Mar. 17th Column
Afraid of being alone, A 27-year age difference, Rushing things
Mar. 10th Column
Bad advice from friends, No kids?, Can you ever trust a cheater?
Mar. 3rd Column
"Training wheels lover," Driving men off, Runaway jerk
Feb. 25th Column
Enraged over infidelity, The elusive Cyberlover, Choosing and breaking up
Feb. 18th Column
Low self-esteem, Love and lies on the Net, Fantasy prospects
Feb. 11th Column
Mr. Unavailable, Curing commitment phobia, Police wife's blues
Feb. 4th Column
Bisexual or just experimental?, Re-stoking the fire, Too smart to play the Mating Game?
Jan. 28th Column
"Let's just be friends," A classic Waffler, Overweight and shy
Jan. 21st Column
How to talk dirty, Understanding "No," A guy to dump
Jan. 14th (1996) Column
Men wearing panties, 3-way sex, Dealing with an uncommunicative man

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