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Is this a relationship question? If so, see immediately below. If not -- if you have feedback for us in the nature of a complaint, a bug report, a suggestion, (or even a compliment!) -- please e-mail our webmaster, Marshall Whitfield (

If you have a relationship question, we're not set up to answer it here in the Feedback Mailbox. We have two other mailboxes where you may leave a question which will be delivered directly to Dr. Tracy: (1) at the end of her Advice Column (where not all questions are answered, since she receives more than the Column can hold), and (2) in her private counseling area (where you pay a small fee but are assured of getting a personal response from Dr. Cabot).

We also urge anyone with a relationship question to check out our Love Library, which is a fun, fast and user-friendly way to get Dr. Tracy's advice on virtually any aspect of love relationships. There's a good chance you'll find an immediate answer right there!

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