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The insights from your library are amazing! A lot of common sense stuff, and I am a little embarrassed about how easily my common sense disappears when my heart gets triggered. My goodness! -- Darice

"I just wanted to thank you for this great web site. At a time when everyone wants to charge for everything they post on the web, you are providing very helpful and insightful information at no cost. I have spend about an hour going over your various articles and I can tell you the I already feel enlightened by the information provided." -- Leo

"Your advice is so right all of the put it so succinctly, so logically, so realistically and you cover all of the bases ....BRAVO!!!!" -- Melba

"What a wonderful site Dr. Tracy has! I'm a divorced man who's new to dating, and I can't believe how many of the entries in the Love Library are dead-on! I've recognized myself or the women I've dated (or been married to) in many of the entries, and I've learned a lot about mistakes to avoid and good signs to look for. Thanks to Dr. Tracy for this wonderful service." -- Chris

"...this site, without a doubt, is an incredible tool. I refer to and re-read parts of it and it brings me such hope and calm. Thank you, it's packed with such great and candid information. I wanted to convey my sincere thanks to information that helps my life get better." -- Julia

"I just spent the last hour or so looking over your web site! It is super!" -- John

"...extremely of the soundest, sanest relationship sites there is. Thanx!" -- Sunshine

"I'm a psychotherapist, and mental health clinic manager, in a rural county in eastern Washington state. I'm also a specialist in the psychology of gender, and single -- but now actively looking for a mate. The material presented on your homepage is easily the best organized, most useful, and most correct (to the extent that I understand anything at all about gender and coupling) of any that I have seen ANYWHERE." -- Tom

"Thank you so much for answering my letter in your column. My fiance and I have talked things over. I explained to him how much I wanted to tell his family and friends about being engaged, and why. He told his family this week, and the funny thing is, none of them were surprised at all. And, they are really happy for us. Thanks again! -- Kore

"I so needed a girlfriend's advice... a big thankyou... for giving me back my sanity and perspective." -- Diane

"I just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful advice you have provided on your website. I was in a problem relationship for over a year, which I ended... The advice you give on Letting Go was tremendously helpful to me! I have just started dating a new guy, and he is wonderful. I have never been much of a dater, and the advice you give about giving too much too soon is helpful too! Thank you again, for a most insightful website...." -- Tiffany

"I just came for a glance, but ended up reading the whole thing!" -- Mike

"I read your column every week and sometimes go back and read the past columns. I just wanted to think you for having such a wonderful website. I cannot begin to tell you how much your advice to others have helped me, it seems you are always on target. Please continue doing what you do... Thank you," -- Linda

I'm an avid fan in Korea for your site. I've read almost every word of your site since you opened it. I wrote this just to say how great your site is and how helpful for every humankind all over the world (NOT just only English-spoken nations, but also almost every nation such as Korea I'm living in where many people learn English). No matter which country they live in, they sure fall in love and they sure sometimes suffer from love-related problems. Dr. Tracy's advices are so universal that countless people including me over the world benefit. Please don't forget we're appreciating your job! -- Sang-woo Yi

"Wow! This site is incredible. The advice is very sensible and timeless. Thanks!" -- Laura

"Your site has shown me many things. i've learned alot about myself and about the women i have had relationships with. i also learned some of the things that went wrong (like my last one, an intense 5 week relationship where we spent about 60 waking hours together a week) and new techniques to avoid the pitfalls of the past. again, i say think you" -- Jeff "You have enriched me in more ways than I can explain with your totally matter of fact advice" -- Angela

"I must commend you on your excellent Web site. And also thank you for "Letting Go," which helped me a great deal when I broke up with my ex. Keep up the good work!" -- Vince

"...I just finished reading your book _Marrying Smarter, Marrying Later_ and found it very helpful and enlightening. The advice in your book is just right on target - finances, children, dealing with his mother, how other people react to the news that you have found someone, and so on. Your advice is very down to earth and open-minded. I have also read all the information you have online and am about to start reading your other books... Thank you so much for the help," -- Nancy

I stumbled upon your website and all I can say is "God Bless You." Your advice is awesome. Thank you! -- Peg

Some time ago, I wrote to you being "In love with a younger man". Your advice was blunt and informative and certainly what I didn't want to hear. But I just wanted to thank you because although I was very annoyed at your response to me at the time, you were spot on. You helped me to look at the person I am and to see that I needed someone that "brought as much to the table of life" as I did. I thought about what you wrote for months, alternating from anger and defensiveness and now, I am with a totally wonderful asset of a man that is even more attuned that I am in what I need from another human being. Alan is self confident and genuine in what he says and wants. I have learned to speak to him from the heart and I thank God that I met this wonderful person, who seems to be an extension of myself. I thank you for your insight and also for you ability to look from the outside in. -- Signed: A true believer in your advice.

"Wow... All you ever wanted to ask, and more! I am so glad I visited! ...You have made perfect sense!" -- Jo

"Just wanted to let you know that your site was very instrumental in getting me thru the toughest period in my life. Tho I wasn't aware of it at the time, I was having a relationship with a Man-Hater. I was heartbroken when I decided to leave her but she was making me an emotional wreck. Your site helped me to see her for what she was and understand that I did the correct thing in breaking it off. Thanks!!!" -- Danny

"I read your book "How to Make a Man Fall in Love With You" and I must say, what an amazing book! After reading it, I tried it with my current boyfriend. The results are unbelievable! Once when I was having a bad day, he ended up running three miles through ditches and streets in the rain just to be with me. He will always be my hero! We're already planning our future together, and I just wanted to say thank you for making a difference in my life!" -- Amanda

"I have sent your web page address to my friends..and I got my roomate to look at it... he agrees... Can we take the Dr. home with us?" -- Bobby

"Excellent web site... by far the most informative and authoritative site on the subject I've seen. Very well done!" -- Bruce

"Of all the web sites, this is my favorite. I return each week to read Dr. Tracy's advice column. She is empathetic, kind and tough. She tells people to make decisions and to follow through. I've recommended this site to friends, including shy ones who complain about not meeting anyone. Dr. Tracy is comfortable about men and women being together, from attraction to commitment. I have some women friends in their 30's who don't flirt or seek the attention of men even though they do want male companionship, and I think Dr. Tracy is a good role model for being a feminist who likes men and healthy relationships. The library is a great tool. Thanks!" -- Maureen

I'm really glad I came across your web site... It's like getting advice from a trusted friend. -- PW

"Having just been on the short end of a "reunited" breakup of a year-long relationship that ended with me losing lots of money (some she stole out of revenge, greed and vengeance) and being taken advantage of -- Dr. Tracy's website is a Godsend. I have learned a great deal about myself...and the abusive relationship I helped create by "giving too much" and setting myself up...out of be used, misused and abused. Thanks Dr. Tracy. You have saved a life with this man." -- Joe

"I've read your advice column for a couple of years now and I continue to be impressed with your level-headed
-- Scott

"I recently started dating again. I'd forgotten how to do it. This site put me at ease." -- Janet

"Hi, just wanted to thank you for such a great site. What terrific insight and ideas. You really helped me see some things. Thanks again..." -- LM

"I was just doing research for a paper on "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" for a class in Interpersonal Communication, when I found your web-site. A+!! I've been reading so long my eyes are starting to hurt. I've been looking for some good advice for myself as well as my friends. I'll pass your web address around. This site is great!" -- Jill

"Thanks to Dr. Tracy's superb website and links, I was able to reassess my attitudes and the men in my life. I immediately joined Match.Com, where in under 2 months, I met a soulmate...the perfect man for me: we are engaged. My life is so much better now! Thank you!!!" -- Holly

"I absolutely LOVE your website! I read about the men to avoid and saw my present love (wanna-be-my-husband) in a couple of the descriptions, opened my eyes, and as hard as it was, left him for good. THANK YOU!!" -- Rosana

"This is an awesome site! It's helping a lot with my own questions and doubts on my personal relationship. Thanks! and do please keep the wonderful job up!" -- Jessica

"This site is fantastic. Many of the things outlined in here I've known about for quite a while (but still ignored, for reasons we call love), but seeing it here, I've become more receptive to it. I caught myself saying "Oh, yeah, I knew that; she's right" more often than anything else. I think the style of the writing stuck a chord with me directly, and so many of the issues that I thought that I "knew" finally sunk in. Thanks for the much needed help, Doctor!" -- Adrian

"...a heartfelt note of thanks for all the good advice and help that you have given to me..." -- Margaret "Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was looking through the "Love Library", trying to figure out exactly what was wrong with a relationship I haven't been happy with. He's a really sweet guy, but...he's a Waffler! While reading the description, the light bulb turned on in my head -- that's him! He's not going to change, he's not going to fulfill my needs -- I will soon bid him farewell! Thanks for giving me the kick in the pants to end an unhappy relationship!" -- stacy

"When my daughters are old enough, one of the first resources Mom will give them is your books and internet address. Thanks so much." -- Venita

"Hello, My name is Delaney and want to congratulate all who had an arm in developing this site. It is the most comprehensive site on relationships/dating I have ever seen. Moreover, it's appealing from start with the easy to get to info. No need to sort through all types of unrelated info here, everything somehow relates to something else. I could on and on but I think you get the message. Please, please, please keep up the good work!!!" -- Delaney

What a help it has been for me. I was struggling so hard with my lady friend's needing to "evaluate" our relationship. I was feeling the rejection. We've talked, and I've used some of your very solid wisdom to overcome that struggle. I'm a better man, and I'm in charge of my emotions thanks to what I read on your site. Thank you so much. -- Dennis

"I have spent months searching for a web site with dating & relationship advice & have found nothing as great as this! I have spent hours looking over & reading all your advice & information. I only wish I could have found it sooner! I think this site is just the best! Good Work!" -- Elizabeth

"Thanks for the info, it helped me through my marriage difficulties, and I must say IT WORKED. Thanks again!" -- Sherri

"Hi! I just want to thank you for this wonderful website. Please pass to Dr. Tracy that her advice took me quickly from a lot of pain of my current breakup to peace of mind and soul. I was on the brink of a deep depression. Instead -- her "library" helped me let go of a relationship that I wanted to hang onto. Thank you!" -- Patricia

"This site helped me find the courage to end a relationship that was much too one-sided. The "broken popcorn machine" story is now a permanent part of my coping repertoire..." -- Debra

"A very informative page. Congratulations! I guess no one teaches you at school what relationships with other people are all about especially with the opposite sex. Obviously I have had a few unpleasant ones however, I think by referring to your page my future relationships can improve." -- Michelle

"GREAT SITE! I learned a lot about myself here. After finding that I met the perfect profile for one-sided love (I answered yes to all questions), I finally decided to get out of a bad relationship that has been ruining my life for the last 1 1/2 years." -- Ryan

"I'm a 31 yr. old divorced mother of 2 who has spent the past 5 post-divorce years recovering, focusing on my kids, and getting my career into full swing. After recently cutting off a "conveneince relationship" I allowed to exist during this time I am ready to have a close adult relationship with another man, and am fortunate enough to have found someone to have it with. Particularly those of us "unlucky at love" (O.K. enough cliche's) the first time around, I think, are grateful to have a place to check in and be sure we are not repeating some of the same mistakes and to get helpful, practical advice and insight. Thanks!" -- Colleen

"This is an amazing site. You really helped me. My ex dumped me about two months ago and I was feeling pretty bad. I read the "Letting Go" article and I realized that I was doing everything wrong to help myself." -- Jason

"BRAVO! to whoever created this website! I love it. And thank you to Dr. Tracy for excellent advice. This may be a turning point in my life. Yeah!" -- Valerie

"Simply outstanding! I have learned more about myself and relationships in this website than anywhere else. I don't know where you get all the time you've obviously devoted to others. Keep up the good work!" -- James

"Thank you for your generosity. For the first time, I find the truth. The down to earth tone wakes me up and makes me see for the first time, where I'm going and what I've been doing in my relationship..." -- Chanel

"I can't thank you enough for the info you've posted at your web site. As a single man in search of a lasting relationship, I found more answers here than any place else I've looked. Everything rang true & I could see myself in a lot of the scenarios. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!!" -- "Reverend M"

"Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your great advice -- I can't wait to read your column each week. Your common-sense, direct approach, and most of all your logic and understanding of the reality of life and human nature are so needed in our "spin doctored" world. I admire the way you cut through the bullshit and get to the heart of the matter..." -- Venita

"This has to be one of the most important websites on the net!" -- Bo

"I just got the book that I ordered from you - "Marrying Later, Marrying Smarter". Thank you very much! It is a wonderful book! As somebody who has been married before for 7 years, I still find lots and lots of things to learn." -- Natalia

"Greatest use of bandwidth I've seen to date! I won't give a story, but I've been through some bad relationship problems without any place or reason to point fingers. The information presented here was just amazing and helped me to realize some serious problems and their possible solutions. I'd just like to thank everyone involved in this artistically simple yet extremely attractive and informative site, and especially the doctor herself. This bookmark is a definite keeper!" -- David

"Wow! This site is incredible. I spent a couple of hours on it yesterday, and I'm back again! The advice is very sensible and timeless, and it would do anyone good to read it. Thanks!" -- Laura

"Reading your column was like listening to Roberta Flack's song! Very powerful and right to the point... Thanks a lot" -- Brian

"I am seventeen and my girlfriend and I have been dating for 2 years. I came to this site looking for some ways to improve our relationship. Wow! Everything that I wanted to know was right at my fingertips. I copied some of the articles and plan to let her read them. Thank you for all of your time and effort!" -- John

"I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I appreciate your website. The advice you dispense to the internet community seems to be very sound, practical and supportive of each individual's needs. Personally, I've been in a situation where I've often visited your columns to get a reality check, and don't feel as if I've been steered wrong yet. For people who have real-life relationship problems, you offer a dignified opportunity for getting advice that works. Thank you for providing this space for people." -- Lynn

"THANK YOU!!!! I have been having an awful bout with the blues over a relationship. One of those that you speak of that never should have gone on, did and then ended in a messy fashion. It ended about 6 months ago, yesterday I made the mistake of calling her machine to hear her voice, along with her live-in guy's. As if that isn't bad enough, she told me that she didn't believe in living together. She was for sure one of the various types of crazys. I have been a basket case since, and browsing your pages has made me feel a thousand times better! Thank you - you saved my life". -- Bob

"Thank you, plainly and simply, for providing this site. One of the best I have ever come across... and I couldn't have come across it at a better time. Thank you very, very much". -- Michael

"I LOVE YOUR SITE!!! Saved my life from major disaster." -- Marlyn

"I'm sure you know how priceless this site is to millions of people out there (especially us broke (money wise) college students)...thanks for a free site that helps with life...." -- Kris

"You took on the task of answering my question in your Advice Column and I can't thank you enough. Reading your answer not only brought tears to my eyes but gave me the wake-up call that I have needed for a long time. I am giving myself a quiet evening to reflect on your words and find a way to incorporate this advice into my life because it is the best advice I've ever had. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" -- Michele

"Your Library was very helpful, giving me a new perspective on love in general -- cruising from one page to another, link to link, your words opened my eyes." -- Orlie

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