Ask Dr. Tracy

Try a Travel Adventure

by Tracy Cabot, Ph.D.

Certain romantic travel experiences are truly magic moments -- touching you so deeply you’ll never forget them. Sharing one of these “mind/body/spirit” adventures binds the two of you together forever.

Swimming nude in the moonlit ocean
The moon’s silvery shimmer beckons toward you across the water like a personal invitation. At the shoreline, tiny Caribbean wavelets whisper conspiratorially, “Shhh, come, shhh, come,” as you tiptoe out of your room and down to the ocean in nothing but a towel. Dropping your towels on the beach, you hold hands and slip into a warm, caressing sea. Nowhere is the water warmer and safer and the surroundings more relaxed than at Jamaica’s sexy clothing-optional resorts, such as Hedonism in Negril. The warm water vies with the warm night air and makes your bodies slippery against each other.

Experiencing dual massages on the beach
Imagine lying side by side on massage tables by the sea, holding hands while being stroked rhythmically. The pleasure is shared and somehow magnified by knowing your mate is having similar feelings. The ocean’s ancient music penetrates deeper than the massage, and you are both lost in the overwhelming sensuality of the moment. At Maui’s Renaissance resort, your massage comes complete with a view of a perfect crescent beach and the West Maui mountains. At Big Island’s Orchid at Mauna Lani, dual massages are right at the water’s edge. November through April, you can see playful whales cavorting right out front.

Arriving by ship in Tangier, Morocco
As you stand hand-in-hand at the railing of your cruise ship, Tangier appears like a fairy-tale painting, tumbling chaotically down a hillside, minarets glowing rosy in the morning light. You are in touch with visitors thoughout history who’ve arrived at this same exotic port. Deep within, the fabled Casbah calls.

Later, shade is plentiful and welcome in the catacomb-like depths of the Casbah. Exotic incense mingles with the aroma of lamb cooking on charcoal braziers. As you absorb this tumult of experiences together, you will be forever bonded by memories of the snake charmer who held out his snake to you with a grin, the veiled woman with the wide-eyed child, and the rug merchant who served you hot, sweet tea even when you didn’t buy.  Or find your own exotic port and experience it together.

Trying scuba together
Your minds, bodies and spirits will float into a new dimension sharing your first scuba dive. Together you’ll leave our two-dimensional world and enter a three-dimensional one, moving freely in any direction. Your eyes will feast on sparkling corals and schools of fish, and your bodies will glide by each other in exquisite weightlessness.

Even the learning process is a fun adventure -- learning about the equipment together, giggling and blowing bubbles as you try it in the pool. While instruction is largely standardized, the actual ocean dive varies widely from resort to resort. None offers a better combination of easy beach entry, consistently clear water, and great underwater sights than the Sheraton Maui Resort. Within yards of walking into the water, you’re floating hand in hand above a dazzling white sand bottom. The great vertical wall of Maui’s legendary Black Rock rises to your right, and sea turtles glide lazily among the multi-colored fish.

Frolicking with the dolphins
The mysterious kinship between man and dolphins can be experienced only a few places in the world. It’s a peak experience you’ll want to share with your loved one. You’ll never forget the feel of a 600 pound dolphin brushing past you, touching you ever so gently. The thrill you’ll share is almost other-worldly.

The Southampton Princess resort in Bermuda, the Kahala Madarin Oriental hotel on Hawaii’s Oahu and the Hilton Waikoloa Resort on Hawaii’s Big Island offer programs run by Dolphin Quest, where you can mingle with these gentle giants in a safe and supervised environment. As you enter the water in the dolphin’s habitat, the dolphins voluntarily swim over to greet you, and soon they’re playing and nuzzling with you. Touching and listening to these friendly creatures makes you feel like you’ve communicated with another species in some way. Life offers few “firsts” this thrilling -- you’ll never forget the dolphin encounter you had together on your romantic getaway.

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