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Get Sensuous With Food

by Tracy Cabot, Ph.D.

Alone together, two lovers make a perfect romantic duet. But add the tingle of champagne, the saltiness of caviar, the slipperiness of oysters, the creaminess of a vanilla sauce, and your duet becomes a symphony. Almost every food whispers of sex, and romantic travellers listen.

On your romantic escape, make eating an erotic event, not just a necessity. Just as fine wine is the perfect accompaniment to food, fine food is the perfect accompaniment to romance.

What’s sensuous about food? Almost everything. You touch it, you smell it, you taste it, you share it. When you feed it to each other, it’s nurturing and sexy all at once. Food calls out to be the spice of lovemaking. Here’s how to make it an integral part of your romantic getaway.

Order Room Service
Fine dining doesn’t mean toasting each other primly across a restaurant table. It means fine food in the delicious privacy of your room, where you toast each other across a soft down pillow, feed each other Escargot with your fingers and lick the butter off each other’s hands.

The attire for sensuous fine dining isn’t “jacket and tie,” but “robes or less,” where your own scents mingle with the food aromas and your ardor becomes one or more of the courses.

So light a candle or two, find some music on the radio that’s right for just you, and order up. Shed your inhibitions along with your clothes, let the champagne flow and your desires soar, feeding each other and tasting each other’s foods. Eat the food in bed or off each other’s bodies, and take your time, including time out for lovemaking between courses. They won’t let you do that in the dining room.

Reserve The Romance Package
Sure, it may sound pre-packaged, but the better hotels, resorts and spas all offer great romance packages with quality ingredients, allowing you to add romantic spice to your vacation. By letting the resort take care of everything, you assure yourself of a specially romantic arrival without having to make all the arrangements. The package is usually a better value than if you were to buy everything separately, and often includes little extras.

The romance package offered by The Claremont Resort in Berkeley exemplifies what to look for: a room with a jacuzzi tub and a view of the Golden Gate Bridge, stocked for your arrival with a scented candle, huge basket of body lotions, a bowl of strawberries, and (of course) iced champagne. Breakfast in bed awaits you in the morning, but long before that, a four-course room service dinner takes you to the heights of sensual decadence. Salad and appetizers come first, then without you having to ask, you are left alone. Later, an epicurean main course and dessert are delivered -- preceded, of course, by a discreet phone call.

Sail Away On A Gourmet Cruise
Think food, and book your romantic cruise on a ship which features gourmet cuisine and 24-hour room service. Celebrity Cruises demonstrates a commitment to sensuous dining by featuring the menus and recipes of Michel Roux, who’s famous for creations such as raspberry-scented oyster sauce.

And naturally, room service accompanied with the sway of the ship and islands sliding by your stateroom, seduces you in a new and special way. In the privacy of your cabin, with a Calypso moon shimmering across the Caribbean, indulge in Penne Pasta with Shrimps, Coconut and Peppers, or Honey-Glazed Pork Chops. Then, borrow a dollop of chocolate sauce from the Michel Roux signature Thames Swan dessert, smear it somewhere interesting on your sweetie, and enjoy a sensuous dessert.

Get Romantic At A Food Festival
The best way to insure fabulously sensuous food is to travel during one of the great food events, held annually in various locales around the world. In Hawaii, The Winter Wine Escape at the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel and Resort gives you days and nights of exquisite indulgence on Hawaii’s best beach with the finest foods and wines from around the world served all day. Inspire your passion by feeding each other succulent bits of Crispy Roasted Chinese Duck with Lilikoi Ginger Sauce. Whisper naughty promises to each other over Red Thai Coconut Curry Soup with Hawaiian Fish.

On the grand finale evening, the gourmet chefs cook under a canopy of stars. You wander among them eating, hugging each other, and wine tasting, as exciting food aromas mingle in the sweet-scented Hawaiian tradewinds. Later, let the evening’s tropical spices light your fire and the insistent sound of the surf inspire you to climax your honeymoon with abandon.

Eat Food That Turns You On
According to nutritionist Linda Prout, M.S., it’s true that oysters are food for passion. Fortunately for those who are not oyster lovers, Linda assures us that all shellfish has the same effect. In fact, there’s quite a list of foods that will enhance your desire. If you want your escape to be hot, hot, hot, load your plates with eggs, fish, meat, and liver, liberally seasoned with ginger, garlic, peppers, onions. Reach for spicy foods instead of bland, and indulge in side dishes such as artichokes, corn, pumpkin seeds, kidney beans, peanuts, and whole grains.

Wine is also a friend to sensuous travellers (if you don’t over-imbibe). So are strawberries, so feed each other those strawberries dipped in chocolate that came with your champagne. And don’t worry about chocolate being fattening; it’ll stimulate your lovemaking and you’ll probably work off as many calories as you take in.

Go On A Picnic
Something has always drawn lovers to go off alone together for a picnic. Hundreds of years ago, the poet Omar Khayyam penned these immortal words in his poem The Rubaiyyat:
“Here with a Loaf of Bread beneath the Bough
A Flask of Wine, a book of Verse -- and Thou
Beside me singing in the Wilderness.”
Our favorite gourmet picnic was from the wonderful restaurant at L’Auberge de Sedona resort, packed for taking to one of Sedona’s "Vortexes" -- ancient Indian sites where energies converge. A beautiful basket filled with french bread, wine, exotic cheeses, a whole roasted chicken, smoked slamon, homemade pate, and even a bouquet of flowers with real china, silverware, glasses and linens thrilled our senses so much we hardly needed the energy from the Vortex.

Other great picnics: Rent a kayak for two on Kauai and paddle up the Wailua River, picnicking under the tropical jungle along the shore. Take a picnic basket filled with award-winning food from A Pacific Cafe in Kapaa. Or rent a canoe and cruise down Northern California’s Russian River in the wine country. Get a gourmet picnic from Applewood Inn in Guerneville.

On your romantic getaway, relish food as the perfect accompaniment to your sensual moments, an integral part of your passion, and create a memory that time won’t erase.

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