Ask Dr. Tracy

Pack Your Lingerie

by Tracy Cabot, Ph.D.

Something about the satin invites his touch, and something about the half-open peignoir slows his hand. A teasing exploration under the satin and over your skin becomes electrifying. Somehow, lingerie has turned a simple lover’s touch into exquisite foreplay.

You and your mate may always be aroused by each other’s sexuality, but when your charms are half-hidden under a gauzy garment or a naughty outfit, they will hint of forbidden fruit and drive you both mad with desire. The sexy feel of bedroom lingerie caressing your body will enhance your own ardor.

In the delicious privacy of a resort room or cruise cabin, most romantic travelers can’t wait to shed their clothes. Sensual vacationers enjoy being au naturel, but they also know that the magic of lingerie can add intensity, spice and variety to their trip. In fact, while lingerie sometimes seems awkward to introduce into the routine and rush of your life at home, a vacation is the perfect time for it -- where you have total privacy and lots of time.

So even if you normally sleep in the nude -- and especially if you normally sleep in an old t-shirt -- your romantic getaway is the time to bring out something special. Indulge yourselves with bedroom lingerie that whispers against your skin and creates a thrilling sensation for you to share.

You could choose virginal white, or if you’re daring, more experienced black. Treat your mate to a new you, wrapped in silky satiny sleekness trimmed with the old-fashioned look of lace. Whose ankle doesn’t look enticing peeking out from a sheer slit? And what man or woman can resist reaching out to caress their lover’s familiar form when it’s covered with silky satin? You’ll want to touch yourself and your body will feel fabulously pampered.

If you go on a cruise, be sure to pick a ship like the Radisson Diamond or the new Princess or Celebrity ships, where almost all the staterooms have balconies, because you won’t be able to resist slipping out onto your private balcony in your satiny gown. The sight of you, with moonlight shimmering on your silky sleepwear as it billows temptingly in the warm night air, will be a treasured memory.

Lingerie will make you feel like Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic. With the magic of lingerie, you’ll stand a little straighter and move a little sexier; you’ll slink and glide.

Luxurious lingerie can hide a multitude of figure flaws and definitely increase the confidence of the woman who’s wearing it. So have some fun shopping for your lingerie. You’ll find it ranges from sweet to sleazy. Victoria’s Secret offers soft, light-as-air, full flowing gowns trimmed with imported laces for that demure, “I’ve never done this before” look. Frederick’s of Hollywood specializes in a more overtly sexy look -- clingy satin with a little stretch. Then there’s the innocent hot look, with lace garter belt, lace stockings and bra.

Something naughty definitely belongs in your lingerie arsenal. The sensual woman knows that, underneath her mate’s charming exterior, lies a buried core of sexual desires, built up during years of youthful lusting after scantily-clad centerfolds and pinups. Emerge in garter belt and stockings, and become his favorite secret fantasy.

If you get a special request from your mate that’s outside what you packed, help may be nearer than you think. For example, if you happen to be at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco, you could order up from the Victoria’s Secret located right in the lobby. Or call the personal shopper at Saks Fifth Avenue right across the street and they’ll bring a selection of their finest to your hotel room for you to choose from.

Once you’ve found the lingerie that best awakens your secret desires, it will work like a magic potion to rekindle passion for years to come.

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