Ask Dr. Tracy

Sensuous Scents

by Tracy Cabot, Ph.D.

In Hawaii, the honeyed scent of plumeria blossoms greets you the moment you step off the plane. A welcoming flower lei envelopes you in its perfume, wafting away travel stress and hinting of even sweeter delights to come. When you drape your leis over your headboard at night, your room becomes a tropical garden and your lovemaking is touched with fragrance. From that day forward, you feel romantic whenever you catch a whiff of tropical tuberose, gardenia or white ginger flowers.

You have entered a realm beyond sight and sound and feelings, into a place that can only be explored with your sense of smell. It is the magic world of aromatherapy, where special scents spark your ability to feel love within yourself and to reach out to return it to your partner.

Since the beginning of recorded history, men and women have aroused their sensuality with exotic herbs and spices, frankensense and myrrh, cinnamon and sandlewood. Scent has always been intertwined with passion. In the warm afterglow of lovemaking, lingering cologne mingles with the fresh scent of your ardor, creating a magical sense of wellness. And who hasnít breathed deep from a loverís pillow to inhale their scent when theyíre away?

What could make a getaway more romantic than finding the special scent that will always bring out your loving feelings? So take your romantic interlude to sensual heights by bringing along those special aromas that are bound to arouse.

Rose scent turns thoughts to love and helps bring peace to loversí psyches. According to Scott Cunningham, in his classic ďMagical Herbalism,Ē it also relieves sexual problems for men and women and even boosts sperm count.

Ylang Ylang, a sweet scent from the Philippines, can be nicely combined with both nutmeg and Patchouli. It is said to be a powerful aphrodisiac.

Vanilla from Mexico, where the vanilla god was once worshipped, is most easily found in candles and whole beans which can be soaked in oil. Donít use cooking vanilla; itís not exactly the same.

Neroli, also known as Orange blossom or Orange Flower, helps you to make a psychic, emotional and spiritual connection with your lover.

Jasmine is well known to be a powerful aphrodisiac -- you only need a drop -- and it is said to infuse your souls with heightened spiritual awareness during lovemaking. Patchouliís deep, rich, musky scent is unmistably sexual. Triggering immediate desire, it is also reputed to release sexual inhibitions.

Many sensually sophisticated couples regularly use an aromatherapy burner to assure romantic ambiance in their homes. These burners consist of a little candle set under a small bowl of water into which you add a few drops of your favorite scent.

You can achieve a similar effect on your romantic getaway, whether it's at a hotel, resort, spa or on a cruise ship. Buy small vials of premixed aromatherapy oils to take with you. Then, as soon as you get in the room, turn the lights on and drip the oils on the light bulb. The heat will instantly infuse your room with an exciting scent. Run a hot bath and drop some of your special scent into the water and let the steam carry its sensual reminders into your souls.

Or you can purchase special sensual travel candles from Aromatherapy of Rome. They come in little tin cans with a replaceable top.

However you decide to add the special element of erotic scent to your travels, youíll find its effect to be magical, converting an ordinary room into your own secret den of exotic passion.

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