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Dr. Tracy's Romantic Travel Advice

Dr. Tracy says:

Many couples plan on rediscovering their "in-love" feelings on a vacation, only to find just the opposite.  The stress of traveling, spending all that money, and unfulfilled romantic expectations causes them to conclude "If we can't be happy on vacation, we're not going to be happy together anywhere."

On the other hand, a really great romantic vacation can rekindle a lackluster love life and rejuvenate a relationship. Here's how to have that great romantic vacation...

Tips for romantic travel

Doís and Doníts for Romantic Traveling
Pack Your Lingerie
Try a Travel Adventure
Romantic Cruising
Get Sensuous With Food
Tubs For Two
Sensuous Scents
Setting Romantic "Triggers"

Romantic Destinations

The Magic of Couples-Only Resorts (Caribbean)
Acapulco South -- The Queen Bee's Younger Sister
Room Without A Key (Bahamas)
Finding The "Real" Hawaii
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