Ask Dr. Tracy

Tubs For Two

by Tracy Cabot, Ph.D.

You sink slowly into a tub of hot bubbles, enveloped by the fragrance of a vanilla-scented candle. As bubbles pop and tickle you in very private places, yummy mango bath gels tingle and delight your senses, and a special sponge caresses your skin with a thousand tiny fingers.

Just as you think youíve reached a delicious bathing climax, you feel your loved oneís thighs slip into the tub behind you, stroking you with skin thatís instantly smoothed by the slippery bath gels. Together, you reach out for your chilled champagne and toast each other and your love. As you luxuriate, music plays softly in the background.

You choose a chocolate-dipped strawberry, tasting it and biting off just the end, offering the rest to your mate who takes a tiny bite and returns the rest tenderly to your mouth. Perhaps you suck the juice out of a strawberry or make a lollipop out of a toe. You snuggle closer together, and your fingers slip easily into secret hidden places. Oh, the decadent ecstasy of it all!

You eat and drink until the bubbles settle and the water starts to cool, then you wrap yourself in lushly abundant turkish robes, smoothing kiwi moisturizer into your skin to keep it oh so soft. In bed, you nibble each other, breathing in exotic aromas still clinging from the bath. You taste so sweet all over that youíre tempted to explore places youíve never visited before.

Every romantic getaway should include the sensuous luxury of a tub for two. If a hotel or resort seems not to understand what youíre asking for, call elsewhere. Country inns often feature hot tubs for two.

Ask about their tubs and whatís in their romance package. The Claremont Resort and Spa in Berkeley, California, for example, has raised sensual tubbing to a fine art; their Romance Package serves as a bathing connisseurís checklist. When you check in, music is already playing, champagne is chilling in its bucket, the chocolate covered strawberries are waiting, and your bath goodies are stacked in a big straw basket in the bathroom. Under the vanilla-scented candle and a sexy book about kissing, you find a big bar of fancy herb soap in a mit and huge bottles of all kinds of scented lotions, plus luffas, sponges, shampoos and conditioners.

Whether youíve had an adventurous day or are arriving jet-lagged and exhausted, it doesnít matter. The bath ingredients are inspirationally seductive. You canít wait to start the bath, light the candle, open the champagne, and peel off your clothes. Any thought of unpacking or planning for tomorrow flies from your minds, and you abandon yourselves to immediate eroticism.

The only romantic amenity better than a sexy tub for two is one with a view. Here again The Claremont Resort and Spa seems to have thought of everything, packaging a view of San Francisco across the Bay as their final bath ingredient.

For a sexy tub with a view, nothing can beat the Sheraton Princeville Resort in Hawaii. Every cliffside room features a tub looking directly out over Hanalei Bay toward the fabled Bali Hai Mountains on Kauaiís North Shore. Almost always, a rainbow graces the Bay, and slender silvery waterfalls streak the deep green of the mountains. In a touch of high-tech magic, the bathroom windows change from clear to frosted with the flick of a switch, a breathtaking transformation from endless views to instant, intimate privacy.

Scattered among the renowned romantic destinations from the Caribbean to Hawaii, great tubs for two are there for those who ask. Youíll find them at The Buccaneer resort on St. Croix and at the Merryhaven Villas on St. John (both in the U.S. Virgin Islands), at Little River Inn and Highlands Inn on the California coast, Turnberry Isle Resort in North Miami, and at the Acapulco Princess in Mexico, just to name a few. And you donít have to pay top dollar, either Ė most of these examples, including the Acapulco Princessís huge tiled tubs, are in very affordable rooms.

Decadently luxurious, a tub for two inspires naughty foreplay and adds a special dimension to your romance. Itís worth asking for.

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