Do Guys Notice When You Stop Texting Them?

When it comes to flirting and texting, there are times you may be interested and other times you are not interested. Perhaps you’re playing “hard to get” and think by stopping texting, it might send the right message.

Do Guys Notice When You Stop Texting Them

Maybe it’s the other way around and you want to stop texting to send a message that you’re not interested in the guy. Whatever the reason, you’re wondering to yourself if guys notice when you stop texting them. The answer is yes – they absolutely do notice.

The fact is that texting is a modern form of communication and it psychologically connects texting with attention – meaning interest. But there’s more to it than that. Here’s everything you need to know about the psychology of when you stop texting guys.

Will Guys Notice?

As we said, guys will absolutely notice when you stop texting them. This is especially true if you’ve been texting a lot lately and then you suddenly just stop. 

Think of it in another way. If you were out in public speaking with someone all day and then decided to start ignoring them and not speak to them – this would clearly be noticed, and probably not taken in the right way.

However, there might be a time you want to stop texting a guy. Let’s look at this in more detail.

You’re Not Interested

Sometimes you get texting a guy for a while but you’re not actually interested in taking it further. As a result, you’re trying not to send the wrong message and string them along. 

You think to yourself that simply by stopping texting altogether that they will notice and get the hint that you’re really not that into them. 

You Want Their Attention

Another reason why you might stop texting a guy is the complete opposite. You actually want them to text you because you’re playing hard to get and want to know if they care enough to make their move.

Should I Stop Texting A Guy To Get Their Attention?

This is a contentious issue. There are two ways you could look at this. On the one hand, if the guy you are texting genuinely cares about you and wants to keep the communication going, they will likely text you back or even call you.

This can be a great sign and you’re psychologically being told that they care about you and want to remain in contact with you.

However, on the other hand, if a guy doesn’t recognize that you’re interested in the first place, they may think other things. They may think that you’ve got things going on in your life and you need space.

Additionally, they might feel that you’re not interested in them at all and they don’t want to waste their time and affection on someone that doesn’t like them back.

The best way to work this out is dependent on how frequent your texting was. If you were texting a lot and then suddenly stop, the chances are you will get their attention – but maybe for the wrong reasons. 

If they make the effort and try to get in contact with you when you stop texting them, they’re definitely interested in you! 

Why Should I Stop Texting A Guy?

There will be times when you should probably stop texting a guy anyway. The first is what we’ve briefly discussed. You’re just not interested in them.

However, it’s always a good idea to try to make that clear. Either explicitly tell them that you’re not interested in them in that way, or change the conversation.

Another reason to stop texting a guy is if they get a little weird, creepy or talk about things you are uncomfortable with. You do not have to continue a conversation if you feel uncomfortable and this is the case in person or via texts.

A third reason you might want to stop texting a guy is due to the way your texts have been going. Let’s look at these telltale signs.

Bad Signs In Text

If you start noticing some of these following signs in text, you should probably just give up on texting the guy! These are:

  • One worded or brief replies 
  • They take forever to reply 
  • They leave you on read for way too long 
  • They only ever reply when they’re drunk or lonely 
  • They talk about inappropriate things 
  • They always talk about their ex 

What If A Guy Stops Texting Me?

If you are on the other side of things, you may be wondering why a guy has just stopped texting you. There could be a number of the same reasons we’ve mentioned above.

However, there are other reasons. Guys are actually very simple and always respond better to obvious messages rather than cryptic ones. In other words, if you’ve stopped texting them and your intention was to get their attention – they might not see it that way.

They may take your absence as a sign that you’re not interested in them and they’ll simply move on. In fact, they may even feel incredibly hurt by your ignorance and feel as though you’ve been mean. 

While this may seem ridiculous, it is a psychological basis of many men. As we said, they’re very simple and often cannot understand the subtle hints and signs you’re sending. 

Another reason a guy stops texting you though might be because they are speaking with someone else. Of course, unless they tell you this – there’s no way you will know this. 

If however, they do respond with any of the telltale signs above, it’s probably a good idea to stop the whole thing!

Final Thoughts

Yes, guys will absolutely notice if you stop texting them. However, they may not always understand why – so if there’s a reason you’ve stopped texting them, maybe you should tell them outright!

Emily Baker