Do Men Want To Get Married In Their 50s? (Reasons, Explained)

Marriage is often seen as a “young person” ceremony, but it really shouldn’t be this way. Anybody of any age can get married and the importance of marriage should not be understated. 

Do Men Want To Get Married In Their 50s [Reasons, Explained]

When it comes to men in their 50s though, you might be wondering if there’s any reason why they might want to get married. Well, the answer is yes! Some men in their 50s certainly do want to get married.

However, not all men in their 50s do. There’s lots of reasons why they might want to though, so we’ve got this guide for you to read through which might help you to understand more about it. 

Read on! 

1. Love

When we talk about marriage, of course the biggest reason why we do get married is because the couple are in love and they want to share the rest of their lives together. 

Marriage for some is a promise to love one another for the rest of their lives and they promise to care, cherish and be there for each other, whatever might happen in their lives. 

With marriage comes stability and a concrete bond – so it’s almost irrelevant what age the person is, if they want to prove their undying love and commitment to another person, marriage is one of the best ways to do that. 

2. Financial Reasons

While this isn’t as romantic as the previous reason, many men in their 50s choose to get married due to the financial implications that come along with being alone. 

When you live alone, you are solely responsible for all of the bills including your mortgage or rent, personal finances such as credit cards and loans and of course, all of the energy bills and other utility expenses. 

While some couples choose to cohabit without being married, many couples decide it’s better to tie the knot and make the arrangement an official one. Not only this, married couples will also save money. 

This is because the costs of things such as insurance and food can significantly reduce. Indeed, insurance such as medical insurance can get a whole lot lower when the couple choose to marry. 

There can be other financial benefits to being married too, especially for tax reasons. That point is a lot more complex though, so to make it more simple, the thing to remember is that if you are a married couple living together, you can find your life getting much cheaper! 

3. Spousal Rights

A point that many people will overlook is that when two people are married, they are entitled to spousal rights. These include things like access to the emergency room where your spouse is being treated.

It can also include the right to choose your spouse’s future, if they are unconscious or mentally impaired. As a spouse, you may be the one to choose whether or not to “pull the plug”. 

While this is a huge responsibility, these rights are only ever reserved for spouses unless a legal document has been signed and agreed through the correct channels. 

It’s unlikely that this is the primary reason a man in their 50s would choose to get married, but it is definitely one that has happened in the past. 

Indeed, some medical cases can become incredibly complex and a man may not trust other people to make their choices for them. However, if they feel comfortable with their partner making such huge decisions, they may decide to marry to allow them to do so. 

4. Pension Rights

There are many pension plans that can be transferred upon a spouse’s death. This point feeds into the last one, but it’s an important point to note. 

This is because these pension benefits to transfer over to the spouse are not usually allowed for cohabiting partners or other domestic partners. They are usually only ever allowed for married couples. 

The way that a man may look at this is almost as a protection plan or backup plan for when the time comes and they pass away. They may want their lover to receive all of their financial rights so their partner does not have to panic financially. 

So, of course, one of the best ways to do this is to get married. Once again, while this might not seem the most romantic reason to get married, it does have an element of romance in it. 

5. Immigration Reasons

You may have met a man in their 50s who does not reside in the United States as a citizen. However, generally speaking – when a couple marry, it becomes much easier for the person to apply for permanent residence in the United States. 

This might be a far better option for the man to move permanently to the United States rather than for the spouse to move to their country of origin, depending on where this is. 

Moving abroad can become very complicated and financially restraining, so this might be one of the best options. 

6. Religious Reasons

Some men may hold strong religious beliefs which require them to marry their partner. In fact, some religious beliefs mean that the couple cannot engage in sexual activity until they are married.

This can prove to be a significant problem in a relationship, so if the couple want to move their relationship to the next stage, they may need to get married in order to do so. 

7. They Don’t Want To Lose You

Some men in their 50s may feel inadequate due to their age or due to their appearance or any other reason. Whatever this may be, they might feel as though they are going to lose you as a partner. 

One way they can ensure that they keep hold of their partner is by marrying them, so perhaps they decide to take that plunge and secure their relationship through marriage. 

8. To Continue Their Legacy

Many men have a strong bond to their legacy through their surname. Indeed, it’s possible that someone wants their name to continue either through their partner in marriage or even with kids. 

9. It’s Easier To Settle

Some people, men in their 50s included, may have been in a relationship for many years and they might find it much easier if they do simply marry. 

This allows for the feeling of “settling down” and finally being at one and as a real family unit. Indeed, sometimes simply cohabiting and not being married can feel a little hollow, so many men in their 50s may think it’s a really good idea to make that their next step (see also “What Do Men In Their 50s Look For In A Relationship?“). 

10. Their Partner Wants To

And of course, a final reason why men in their 50s might want to get married is because their partner has said they want to get married! If the couple are in love or have been together a long time, this makes perfect sense, so why not go ahead. 

Final Thoughts

Men in their 50s do indeed get married for a multitude of reasons – some of which we have included in this list, but this is not an exhaustive list (see also “What Do Women In Their 50s Look For In A Relationship?“)!

Emily Baker