How Do You Know If He’s Interested? [Over 50s Dating]

This one seems obvious, but it’s important to note that older men don’t always make an effort to meet up with women they’ve met online or in person.

How Do You Know If He's Interested [Over 50s Dating]

So if he doesn’t seem like he’s trying to set something up, it’s probably serious about you. 

He’s Not Afraid To Ask You Out

Older guys aren’t afraid of asking ladies out on a date  who they’re interested in. 

In fact, they’ll usually do so within days of meeting you. This is because they’re confident enough about themselves to approach you.

He’s Directing His Interest Toward You

Men in their 50s tend to be more direct than younger men (see also “10 Tips For Dating In Your 50s You Need Right Now“), meaning they won’t hesitate to tell you exactly what they want. If he asks you out, say yes. If he makes plans to hang out with you, show up.

And if he starts talking about how much he likes you, listen closely. These signs mean he’s serious about wanting to get to know you better.


A man’s protectiveness is one of his best traits. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself with a guy like this, you know what that means.

He’s looking out for you and making sure you’re safe. Whether he’s protecting you physically or emotionally, there are some telltale signs that he’s got your back such as: 

  • He makes sure you’re comfortable. When someone takes care of you, it doesn’t matter whether they’re doing it because they want to or because they have to. They make sure you’re happy.
  • He listens to you. If he wants to listen to you talk about anything, chances are he’s listening intently. And when you finish talking, he’s likely to ask questions about how you feel.
  • He checks up on you. He’ll check in on you to see if you’re okay. He’ll call you just to say hi. He’ll text you to let you know he’s thinking of you (see also “Do Guys Notice When You Stop Texting Them?“). 

He’s Showing Off His Personality

If he has a great sense of humor, shows off his personality through jokes and stories, and can laugh at himself, then chances are he’s a good catch.  A guy who takes pride in being funny will likely be the same way around other people.

So watch how he interacts with others as well as you. 

Keeps His Word 

If he says he’ll come by your house for dinner, he’ll keep his word if he’s truly interested in you.  If he says he’s going to call you later, he should follow through. These are all signs you are on his mind. 

He Doesn’t Just Want To Have Fun

A man who just wants to have fun is easy to spot. He may flirt with you, but he’s not interested in anything deeper.

On the other hand, a man who wants to get to know you as a person will try to connect with you beyond just physical attraction and make an effort to get to know your thoughts, opinions and goals. 

Meeting Friends And Family

If a man invites you to meet his friends and family, there are some pretty clear signs that he likes you. This could mean that he wants to take things further with you, or maybe he just wants to hang out with you.

Either way, he’s showing you that he’s comfortable enough around you to introduce you to his friends and family.


If he loves to talk about himself, then he’s definitely interested in getting to know more about you.

Older men are generally happy to share information about themselves, which means they’re probably eager to learn more about you as well.


When you first started chatting  did he immediately jump right into flirting with you?

Or was he hesitant to reveal too much? 

If he didn’t mention his name right away, then he may be holding back because he doesn’t want to come across too strongly but once he gets to know you, he’ll be able to trust you enough to reveal more, a sign he’s enjoying being with you and wants to be honest.

Offers Of Help 

If he offers to help you out, it’s a sign he wants to be useful, and he is trying to make himself look good. To show his generosity, he might even offer to pay half of the bill when you go on a dinner date.

By doing this, he’s showing you that he cares about you and he’s willing to sacrifice some money to prove it. Be wary of men who want you to pay for everything. 

Thoughtful And Complimentary 

A man who is interested in someone he likes will try to make her feel good about herself.

This includes making sure he tells her she looks nice, telling her she does a great job, complimenting her on her work, etc. If done correctly, it makes the woman feel special and loved.

Older men are usually much better at doing this than young ones because they’ve been around longer and have had more experience being attentive and caring towards women.

They know what works and what doesn’t. 

No Pressure 

If you find yourself in a situation where an older man seems withdrawn  it may not mean he’s not into you but could mean that he’s not pressuring you. This doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not attracted to you, either.

Instead, it might just mean he’s waiting for you to make the move. If he’s been making moves on you, he might want to see if you reciprocate. But if he hasn’t made any advances toward you, there’s no reason to panic.

There isn’t any rush after all! Perhaps he’s being the perfect gentleman. 

Advantages Of Dating Older Men 

The old adage “older men are better” might hold true for some relationships, according to a study published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology.

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Researchers surveyed 300 heterosexual couples aged 18 to 65, asking questions like how long people had been dating and whether they planned to marry.

They found that those who dated longer tended to be more committed to each other, even if they weren’t married. And while younger women often prefer younger men, older men tend to find older women attractive.

In addition to finding someone who’s compatible, there are other factors that make it easier to commit to a partner.

For one thing, older men are generally more financially stable and secure which takes away the stress of trying to build a home together as you can just add your assets together. 

Older men are also more emotionally mature. They understand that life isn’t always fair, so they don’t take things too personally. They’re able to see the bigger picture and aren’t easily swayed by outside influences.

When it comes to commitment, they’re willing to put down roots and build a future together.


It can be challenging to navigate relationships later in life but not impossible. With the right mindset it’s possible to figure out if someone is interested and pursue a long and happy relationship.

Emily Baker