How To Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

When you first find out that you’re pregnant, the natural reaction is to simply want to blurt it out to the entire world.

It can, however, also be a good idea to keep it a secret for a short amount of time, while you figure out some fun and creative ways to reveal it to your husband. 

How To Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

Below, we’ve compiled a list of unique ways you can reveal your pregnancy to your husband to make it a truly memorable moment. Simply keep reading below to find out more. 

When Should I Tell My Partner That I’m Pregnant? 

Before we jump into our list, first, let’s answer the question of when I should tell my husband that I’m pregnant. This is a difficult question to answer, as it will feel different to everyone. 

Whether you’ve been trying to conceive for a long time, or it has all happened very quickly, each of us will feel ready to share the news with our partners at different times. 

It is recommended that you take a moment to digest the news yourself before sharing it with others, however, as finding out that you’re pregnant is an extremely emotional and personal thing. In this case, you might need some time to yourself first. 

Ways To Reveal Your Pregnancy To Your Partner 

Now that we’ve covered that first question, we can begin to dive into some fun ways you can reveal the good news to your partner. Keep reading to find out more. 

1. Make A Dinner Reservation

One fun way that you can reveal your pregnancy to your partner is by making a dinner reservation for three at your favorite restaurant.

When you call to make the booking, inform them of the occasion, and ask if they’d be able to bring out a ‘congratulations’ themed dessert item out at dinner. 

Your husband will be so surprised, and won’t see it coming. 

2. Make A Joke 

If you want to reveal your pregnancy in a humorous way, then you can simply place a bun in your oven at home. Tell him that dinner is in the oven and to go and collect it, and he’ll find the item laying in there. 

Another humorous way you can reveal your pregnancy is by asking to take a selfie with your husband. As you both pose for the photo, tell him that you’re pregnant, then you’ll have his reaction to keep forever in the picture. 

3. Wrap Up The Test 

A great and simplistic way of revealing your pregnancy to your partner is by telling them that you’ve bought them a little gift. Wrap up your pregnancy test in a gift box, that they can then open and find inside. 

If you don’t want to wrap up the pregnancy test, another classic way of revealing it to your partner is simply by purchasing a set of baby shoes. You can wrap these up in the same way with a little gift box with a bow on top. 

It’s an incredibly simple yet effective way to reveal your pregnancy to the one you love. Also, what gift could be better than bringing a new life into the world?

4. Write Them A Letter

How To Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

Perhaps you’re somebody who communicates best when you use your words instead of actions. In this case, a great idea would be to write a love letter to your partner, revealing your pregnancy. 

You can reveal it at the end of your letter, after you’ve listed all of the things that you love most about your partner, as well as your relationship with your partner. 

If you want to take this one step further, you could even make him a poem. You could include the pregnancy announcement within the poem itself.

5. Use Cake 

One of the best ways to reveal your pregnancy to your partner is by using cake! You can contact your local bakery and see if they can write ‘I’m pregnant’ in icing letters for you. You could do this along a series of cupcakes, with a different letter on each one. 

If you’re good in the kitchen, you could even spend the day making them yourself. This is a super fun way to spend the day, and you can build up the excitement of seeing your husband’s reaction as you bake. 

6. Buy Them A Gift

Another fun way that you can reveal your pregnancy to your husband, is simply by purchasing them an item that says ‘dad’ on it. Perhaps in the evening he enjoys a beer or a cup of tea, if so, replace his usual glass or mug with one which says ‘dad’. 

It’s a great way to surprise him when he won’t be expecting anything. 

7. Write It Out 

A fun way to reveal your pregnancy, is by writing the words on your stomach with a skin safe pen. Then, when you see your husband, all you’ll need to do is lift up your shirt to reveal your stomach, and he’ll get the picture immediately. 

8. Make A Grocery List 

A fun way that you can reveal the pregnancy to your husband is simply by writing down some baby related items, such as diapers, on your weekly grocery list. 

When your husband opens up the list to check what you need, he’ll be shocked to find the items on there. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many fun and creative ways out these to reveal your pregnancy to your husband. Whether you want to reveal it in a funny and humorous way, or if you’re looking for something more sentimental, there are lots of options out there. 

Simply read our list above and pick out one of your favorites. 

Emily Baker