Is 60 Too Old To Find Love? [Hint: It’s Never Too Late!]

In a perfect world, we would fall in love when we are young and never have to worry about falling in love again. However, we don’t live in a perfect world and for many reasons, people find themselves alone later in life. 

Is 60 Too Old To Find Love? [Hint: It's Never Too Late!]

The prospect of finding love again when we are older can be a scary one, but so is feeling lonely and isolated. If you are in this situation and are wondering if 60 is too old to find love, this article is for you. 

Is 60 Too Old To Find Love?

Let’s start by putting you out of your misery.  No, 60 is not too old to find love.  In fact, you are never too old to find love, that’s the best thing about it. 

There is no age limit on love, there is no age when you are unlovable, and there is no age when you run out of love to give someone else.  There is absolutely no reason why you cannot and should not find love at any age. 

With that being said, finding love when you are older is a much different ball game than finding love when you are young. Thankfully, the learning curve for this can be fun and teach you a lot about yourself.

What Are The Chances Of Finding Love At 60?

The chances of finding love at 60 are a lot higher than you might think.  However, that doesn’t mean that they are the same as when you were in your 20s. 

Ultimately, your chances of finding love at 60 are as good as you make them.  There are often fewer opportunities to meet like-minded singles in your day-to-day life than there were when you were younger. 

This is particularly true if you are still having to work in your 60s.  When the majority of your time is taken up with work, there are fewer opportunities to meet new people.  

However, this just means that you have to make the most of your time off at the weekend. Picking up new, social hobbies and activities can be the perfect way to increase your chances of finding love.  

Where To Find Love After 60

As we touched on above, there are certain places that are conducive to finding love in your 60s and there are places that are not so much.  

If you are still working in your 60s, you will have limited time to get out there and start meeting people. 

If you are already actively involved in a social hobby, this can be a great way to start trying to strike up conversations and form relationships with people that could become romantic. 

If you aren’t involved in a social hobby, or the hobby that you have doesn’t include the sort of people that you are attracted to, there are plenty of social and dating mixers for people of any age that you can attend on the weekends. 

If you are lucky enough to be retired at 60, there are far more opportunities that you can create to find love again. There are plenty of hobbies that you can join, local groups, and even dating sites that can help you to find love more easily in your 60s (see also “Top 10 Dating Sites For Over 70s“). 

Dating Rules After 60

Now that we have established that it is perfectly possible to find love after 60, it is important to understand that dating in your 60s is different from dating in your 20s (see also “How To Meet A Man In Your 60s“). 

Here are some rules for dating after 60 that can help you increase your chances of falling in love again.

Be Honest From The Start

One of the most important things to remember when dating after 60 is, to be honest from the get-go. By the time you reach 60, you have already lived a lot of life. 

This means that there is likely to be some baggage or some relationships that are going to be intertwined in some way. 

It is important to be honest and upfront with any prospective partners about your past, your family, and the residual relationships that come from that.  

Another aspect of your life that you should be totally honest about is your health. As we age, it is inevitable that we will develop some niggles and health concerns and conditions. 

When you are beginning a relationship with someone, it can be important to disclose any serious health concerns that could end up impacting your relationship.  

Accept And Embrace Your Age

Accept And Embrace Your Age

Another important thing that will help increase your chances of finding love is accepting and embracing your age. This can be a difficult one to do, especially if you haven’t dated since you were much younger.  

If there is one thing that is certain in life, it’s that we all age. It can be difficult to come to terms with the fact that you are older and look older, especially in a society where youthfulness is held in such high regard. 

The fact of the matter is, people who are older, look older. 

That means that both you and any prospective partners aren’t going to look like you did in your twenties and that is fine. 

There is no rule that says older people and older bodies cannot be attractive, so embrace your body and face that has handled life for 60 years. 

Have Realistic Expectations

Relationships in your 60s can be magical and beautiful and falling in love always feels amazing. However, it is not going to be the same as when you were in your 20s. 

There are likely to be fewer grand gestures to convey romantic feelings.  Instead, there are likely to be smaller, more thoughtful gestures that make you feel loved and secure.  

Accept And Own Your Flaws

No one manages to get to 60 without developing a few flaws here and there. Let’s be honest, no one is perfect.

To make a relationship work, especially in your 60s, you need to be honest about your flaws and own them. 

There is no sense in pretending that you don’t have any flaws and very few partners over 60 will want to deal with someone who isn’t honest about their weaknesses. 

Keep Your Soul Youthful

One of the most important things to remember about finding love in your 60s is to keep your soul young. There is nothing more attractive than someone who has a lust for life and still sees the good in the world. 

No matter how you feel about yourself physically, or how many health conditions you may have working against you, having a youthful soul and fun-loving attitude will make you attractive to anyone. 

Final Thoughts

There is no reason why you cannot find love after 60. The best thing about love is that there is no age limit to it. 

Whether you have just turned 60 and are looking for love, or you are 99 and want to fall in love again, there will be someone out there to make your heart sing again. 

All you have to do is put yourself out there and make yourself available.

Emily Baker