What Do Men In Their 50s Look For In A Relationship? (Honest Answers)

As we grow older and mature, the way in which we perceive relationships and how we might engage with relationships changes. However, not all aspects of relationships and the way we deal with them has to.

What Do Men In Their 50s Look For In A Relationship (Honest Answers)

For men in their 50s, they fall into this category. You may be looking to date a guy in his 50s and you’re wondering exactly what they might be looking for in a relationship. 

Relationships can be complicated, but we’ve written this guide to try to clear up some of the confusion that can arise with them. Here’s everything you need to know about what men might look for in a relationship in their 50s. 

1. They’re Looking For Romance

Age doesn’t have to determine some sort of expiration date on romance. The fact of the matter is, even men in their 50s are looking for romance. 

Romance is something that keeps the fires of love and relationships burning, and it’s one of the most unique feelings and forms of love that you can ever experience. 

While the romantic elements might slightly differ in terms of what activities you engage in, romance as a whole may still be something they are looking for – and this is a beautiful thing if you share these desires. 

2. They Want More Than Just Sex

While it is true that some men are only out there for sex, there are still a huge number of men in their 50s that are looking for more than just sexual activity. 

This is when a man wants something real and tangible. Relationships are far more complex and developed than just sexual congress, so it’s important to remember that men aren’t always just looking for that. 

3. They’re Looking For Intelligence

Many men in their 50s will be matured and developed in both body and mind, and many will have had many life experiences which have shaped their intellect and what their interests are. 

As a result, mature relationships are often strongly based on someone they can share an intelligent conversation with. We’re not saying that this is all a man in their 50s is looking for, but it’s a strong motivator for a real relationship. 

4. They’re Looking For Fun People

It can be easy to forget that maturity does not mean that fun has to leave a relationship dynamic. Indeed, lots of men in their 50s will still be looking for people to have fun with when they’re hanging out. 

This does not have to be crazy things like theme parks or clubbing (although if that’s what you’re into, then you should certainly go for it!). 

It can mean nights at the movies, romantic dinners, playing games and sharing their time with you and maybe even your friends too. The thing to remember is that some men will love to keep the fun in the relationship (see also “What Do Men In Their 60s Look For In A Relationship?“), so it’s a good idea to share your interests and hobbies!

5. They Appreciate Values And Integrity

Some men in their 50s will have strong values and views on some things, in particular they might have a strong integrity. As a result of this, they may be looking for a partner that shares such values and integrity.

It can often be difficult to know how you can show this, but when you understand each other’s thoughts, feelings and core beliefs – you’ll easily be able to strike a conversation and share common goals. 

6. They’re Looking For Someone With Ambition

One of the most attractive traits for men in their 50s (see also “Do Men Want To Get Married In Their 50s?“) is someone with strong views on what they want out of life. Indeed, this could be a career focus, a family focus or something a person is striving towards. 

Ambitious people can be very appealing to men in their 50s as they feel they can help with these goals, but also share in the process of getting to the point where the person finally achieves what they wanted. 

7. They’re Looking For Individuality

There’s nothing worse than trying to be someone you’re not, and when it comes to dating – it comes across very obvious when you’re not being yourself. 

For mature men, they want you to be yourself. They are not interested in someone who is the same as everyone else and they will be very attracted to you for who you are. 

The best advice for you with this point is to always be yourself in all areas of your life, and the right man will fall in love with it! 

8. They Want To Share Their Lives With Someone

Some men in their 50s will be looking to take a relationship to the very top and overall be looking to settle down. With this will come the fact that they want to share their life with you. 

This is understanding that everything in their lives is yours and vice versa. Not just in a material sense, but in a psychological and emotional sense. 

Indeed, they might be looking to support you and care for you for the rest of their lives, so someone who is very open and transparent will be one of the most appealing to men. 

9. They’re Looking For Someone That Shares Their Hobbies

This might seem very basic, but it’s something that has to be remembered. Men of all ages will enjoy engaging in a relationship with someone that shares the same hobbies as they do. 

This could be something as basic as cooking or even movies or music choices, to something like sports. Whatever it is, the only way they will be able to know if you’re the right person for them is for you to be open.

Remember, opening up about your hobbies and interests will always be a talking point for a relationship to not only begin, but to flourish over time. 

10. They’re Looking For Stability

Some men in their 50s will be tired of all the hassles that have come throughout their lives. Maybe they’ve had unsuccessful relationships in the past or maybe they’ve had bad times over the years.

Whatever the case, some men will be looking for stability in a relationship. They’ll want to settle down with someone who is very independent and doesn’t have complicated baggage or something similar. 

We’re not saying they’re looking to leech off your successes – far from it in fact. We’re saying that it is going to be very appealing for many men in their 50s to date a woman who has their own independence. 

Indeed, if you are someone who has their own career path, family goals and hobbies, this can make the transition between the early stages of a relationship, to a more flourished one much easier. 

The Bottom Line

Men in their 50s don’t need to be overly complicated when you’re looking to date them (see also “Does Dating Move Faster When You’re Older?“). Just remember some of our points in this list and you should be in a great position to develop a fantastic relationship.

Good luck!

Emily Baker