What Does The Blue Star Mean On Tinder?

The whole point of using Tinder is to create connections between people. 

One of the easiest ways that Tinder has found to let users know that people are interested in them is through the use of a range of symbols. 

What Does The Blue Star Mean On Tinder?

All of the symbols that Tinder uses have their own meanings attached to them. 

One of the most intriguing symbols that you might come across on Tinder is the blue star.  In this article, we will look at what the blue star means and how you can get more of them.  

What Does The Blue Star Mean?

The blue star symbol on tinder denotes that someone has super liked you or you have super liked them. If you have super liked someone, a blue star will appear next to their name when you look at their profile. 

When you super like someone, your profile will be sent straight to the top of their stack of cards to ensure that they see your profile and can potentially super like you back. 

Similarly, if someone super likes you, their profile will be the first one that you see when you open the app.  Super likes can be a great way to stand out among the crowd of people on Tinder. 

What Does “Super Like” Mean?

Now that we know that a blue star means that you have super liked someone or someone has super liked you, we can talk about what a super like means. 

A super like is Tinder’s way of letting you know that someone is really interested in you.  You will see the blue star next to their name before you swipe them left or right to let you know that they like you.  

This can be a great way to help you work out who is just a jerk with a puppy in their profile picture to grab your attention, and who is genuinely interested in getting to know you. 

Super likes are super beneficial for people who are on Tinder for more than just casual hookups or to play the game.  

How To Get Super Likes On Tinder

Super likes on Tinder are actually still quite uncommon to see and use. 

If you have the free version of Tinder like most users do, you are limited to only one super like per day, and that super like resets after 24 hours. If you don’t use your daily super like it doesn’t roll over to the next day, so it is a case of use it or lose it.  

If you want to get more super likes, you have a couple of options. If you upgrade your account to a paid subscription version, you will be given 5 daily super likes to use instead of just one. 

Again, these super likes are only valid for a single 24-hour period and don’t roll over. 

If you are finding an abundance of attractive and interesting-sounding people on Tinder and need more than the 5 daily super likes a paid subscription gives you, you can also purchase extra ones through the app. 

The best thing about the super likes that you buy from Tinder is that they have no expiration date, therefore, you can use them at any time. 

Are Super Likes Useful On Tinder?

As mentioned briefly above, super likes are useful on Tinder if you are using it to seriously meet people rather than just playing the game of swiping left or right. 

Super likes allow other people who haven’t yet swiped on you to know that you have expressed a significant interest in them.  This can increase the chances of them swiping right on you too. 

On the other side of the coin, you can see profiles that have expressed significant interest in you so you can more easily decide who is worth swiping right for.  

It is worth noting that a very small percentage of super likes will be accidental. 

Despite the fact that you have to swipe in a completely different direction if your phone detects your thumb moving up rather than right, you may accidentally super like someone. 

If this happens and you have a paid subscription to Tinder, you can press the rewind button to undo the action. Otherwise, you just have to hope you don’t match or unmatch with the person after they match with you. 

How To Use Super Likes On Tinder

How To Use Super Likes On Tinder

As we mentioned above, to super like someone, you have to swipe their profile in a different direction. 

If you come across a profile that you really like and you want to let them know that you like them before they swipe your profile, you can use your daily super like. 

To do this, instead of swiping right to try and match with them, you need to swipe their profile upwards.  

Alternatively, there is a super like button that looks like a blue star that you can press if you don’t like swiping on the app. 

This is a great option to help avoid accidentally swiping the wrong way or accidentally super liking someone you didn’t mean to.  

Should You Use Super Likes On Tinder?

Despite how useful super likes sound, it can actually be a little bit hit or miss as to whether you should use them. 

For some people, it can be a nice way to know that someone really likes the look of your profile and is really into you. However, for a lot of people on Tinder, super likes can be seen as needy. 

This makes them more of a turn-off and those people are more likely to swipe left if they see a blue star regardless of whether they like you.  

Final Thoughts

Blue stars on Tinder can be an easy way of letting someone know that you really like their profile and are keen to connect with them. 

However, for some people, the blue star can be seen as needy or too eager which can backfire on you. 

Emily Baker