What Type Of Woman Is An Alpha Male Attracted To?

You may have heard the term ‘alpha male’ being thrown about, but are unsure of what exactly it means. An alpha male refers to the kind of energy a certain man gives off. He is usually goal-orientated, confident, and very masculine.

What Type Of Woman Is An Alpha Male Attracted To

Because of this energy, alpha males tend to be attracted to females that also give off a certain type of energy. This article will discuss alpha males, and what kind of women they are usually attracted to. 

What Is An Alpha Male?

The term ‘alpha male’ comes from the animal kingdom, where researchers have studied the social structures of colonies of different groups and animals and have found one dominant male that is known as the ‘alpha’.  

These male animals are the ones who display leadership qualities, as well as dominance, and most success with mates. 

After some time of this phrase being used to describe animal behavior, it then spilled over into human life studies, and men were often categorized into two groups: alpha males, and beta males. 

Alpha males were known as the successful, natural leaders who were naturally very successful with women, and beta males were the more reserved, sensitive men. 

However, this categorization paints a black-and-white picture of masculinity and oversimplifies the characteristics of men, underestimating what they can achieve in life as it insinuates that men must be one or the other. 

What Type Of Woman Is An Alpha Male Attracted To? 

As mentioned above, categorizing men into ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’, is an oversimplified way of understanding masculinity. 

However, there are some men who possess certain traits that can be closely linked to ‘alpha male’ characteristics, such as assertiveness, dominance, and confidence. 

Therefore, we will now discuss what kinds of women men who possess these traits are attracted to. 

A Highly Feminine Woman

Men who possess ‘alpha male’ traits have a very strong masculine energy and are therefore more attracted to those who possess strong feminine energy. 

The reason for this is the law of polarity. This is the belief that there is the opposite for everything in our world in order to have balance in the universe, such as good and evil. 

Everyone has masculine and feminine energy within them, but we all lend ourselves more to one of them (this has nothing to do with gender). 

Polarity is increased when two partners have opposite energies when one is very feminine, and the other is masculine. The law of polarity believes that when a couple have complete opposite energies, it leads to a balanced and healthy relationship. 

However, this belief also claims that over time, couples can develop similar energies, and this can affect the relationship negatively. 

Therefore, those who possess strong, masculine energy, are attracted to women who are highly feminine. This means they have traits that revolve around nurture, sensitivity, being warm, and kind-hearted. 

She Is Independent-Thinking 

What makes women attractive to ‘alpha males’ is their ability to think independently, and not follow the herd. 

They aren’t afraid to do the things they are passionate about, and they make their own decisions about how they want to live their lives. 

She Is Emotionally Independent

Aside from being independent thinkers, ‘alpha males’ feel drawn to women who are also emotionally independent. 

Emotional independence is when you are able to build your own sense of peace, and you do not depend on others to make you happy. 

Those who are emotionally independent feel complete in their life without a partner and can spend time alone without any issues, and they also don’t compare themselves to others. 

She Can Provide A Safe Space

‘Alpha males’ will also look for a woman who can provide a safe, emotional space for them. 

They look for partners who will protect them on an emotional level. This means they will not carry any judgment of him, they won’t criticize him, and they can have strong empathetic tendencies. 

They will also know how to communicate appropriately, and will make him feel respected, and appreciated. 

She Takes Care Of Herself

While a woman who takes care of herself is not the main trait an ‘alpha’ will look for, it is an important factor. 

Physical appearance does play an important role when it comes to selecting partners, and a woman who has healthy habits, takes care of herself (body and mind), and dresses well, is something that ‘alpha’ males tend to be attracted to. 

She Is Grounded And Free-Spirited

‘Alpha males’ tend to be attracted to women who are grounded and free-spirited. 

Therefore, they will tend to lean more toward women who are not materialistic and have a free-spirited nature. They are happy to go with the flow of life and are open to new challenges and adventures. 

She Is Confident

Men who possess ‘alpha male’ traits tend to be very confident. Therefore, they are likely to be attracted to equally confident women. 

These are women who feel confident within themselves and don’t need any validation from others. This kind of confidence is radiant and can be felt by others within the room, so those with ‘alpha’ tendencies will be able to sense this. 

She Isn’t Afraid To Let Him Lead

‘Alpha men’ like to take the lead in certain situations, and are attracted to women who allow them to do this.

If both the man and woman are strong-willed and want to make the decisions all the time, then this will cause friction, causing strain on the relationship. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, categorizing men into ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ characteristics is an oversimplification of masculinity, and follows a black-and-white way of thinking that is not totally accurate. 

However, there are some men that do possess traits linked with ‘alpha’ tendencies, such as confidence, assertiveness, and overall masculine energy. 

Those with strong masculine energy tend to be attracted to women with strong femininity, according to the law of polarity. Therefore, ‘alpha’ males are attracted to women who are nurturing, emotionally intelligent, emotionally independent and confident.

Emily Baker