About Us

In the modern world of dating apps and fake profiles, it can seem like finding true love is entirely impossible. 

Hi, my name is Emily Baker and I have been a hopeless romantic since I first watched Pretty In Pink. Molly Ringwald shaped my adolescent years, and I will accept nothing less than Ducky behavior. 

Perhaps this is why, when I was thrown into the adult dating pool, I was completely underwhelmed. Everyone was either looking for hookups or professing love only to ghost me a few weeks later. 

After a few years on the apps (much too long), I gave up. I deleted the apps and pondered getting a cat. 

That’s when I met my now-husband, Tom. And would you believe that we met at a bar?

Tom and I have now been together for four years, but I still remember those years of hopelessness I endured to find him. You should hear the stories my friends have of their own experiences of dating in their 20s! 

Our combined experience gave me the idea to start this website, looking into all things love-related. 

I would have loved a website like this in my 20s, to let me know that I wasn’t alone in the sea of terrible dates. So, I hope that my painful experiences and advice bring you some comfort, and maybe even laughter. 

Remember that there is someone out there for you - you just have to struggle through the time-wasters to find them.