How To Know If A Girl Likes You But Is Hiding It

There are times in our lives when we see a girl, maybe we’ve spoken to them a few times in person or via text and social media. You find yourself really interested in them but you’re not sure if they like you back.

How To Know If A Girl Likes You But Is Hiding It

Girls can be a little complicated to guys sometimes, so it can often be confusing to know if a girl likes you but she’s simply hiding it. 

There’s lots of ways to know if they do, from speaking to their friends to really subtle signs. Luckily, we’ve written this guide which explains everything you need to know about this.

Here’s how you can know a girl likes you but she’s hiding it! 

1. Ask Her Friends

As we mentioned, this is probably one of the strongest ways to know if a girl likes you but she’s just hiding it. Generally, girls will speak to their friends about guys they like (and indeed, guys they don’t like!). 

If you are on talking terms with the girl’s friends, maybe you should ask them if the girl has spoken about you. See what they say and you might be pleasantly surprised! 

If it turns out that the girl does like you but she’s hiding it, it’s a good idea to ask her friends how you might be able to move things onto the next level and try to get her attention! 

2. She Knows Things About You

Another great sign that a girl likes you but doesn’t actually tell you explicitly is if she starts dropping information and facts about you that you’ve never told her before.

What this means is that she’s done her research on you. Maybe that’s trawling through your social media profiles or maybe even spoken to your friends or family! 

However she knows these facts, it shows that she’s taken a keen interest in your life and clearly wants to know more about you. In other words, she likes you! 

3. She Tells You Personal Things

Generally speaking, we only ever tell people things that are deeply personal or things that are really close to us if we feel comfortable with the other person. 

This is certainly true when we like someone. We want to let them into our lives and psychologically infer that we want them to be closer to us. 

If a girl starts telling you things that are really personal to her, then you can take that as a good sign – but remember not to break her trust. If you do, you can easily ruin any chance you had of taking it to the next level.

4. She Starts Sharing Your Interests

If someone wants to get closer to someone else, they may want to begin sharing mutual interests. This is indeed the case if a girl is into you. 

They may start talking about a sports team you are a fan of, or maybe a hobby that you’re involved with that she’s never previously mentioned or expressed an interest in.

If this happens, you might be pleasantly surprised and it’s always going to be a good sign that she likes you without actually telling you! 

5. She Tells You Her Schedule

If a girl isn’t that interested in you, there’s no way they’d let you in on when they’re free. However, if they are interested in you – they may start to drop information as to when they’re free.

This could be a subtle hint for you to ask her out, or when you can call her. If you find the girl has told you that they’re free at a specific time on a specific day – then take the hint and ask her if she’d be interested in going somewhere and doing something! 

6. She Sends Random Pics

If a girl likes you, they may start sending you random pics from their phone. There’s a few reasons for this. First, they clearly feel comfortable enough to send you pictures and it’s a way to draw you into conversation and get your attention.

However, another reason is because they want you to compliment them. These random pics should not be taken lightly – but you need to know how you can respond! 

7. You Have Long Talks

So, a girl you like has started calling you or been out with you and talked for a very long time, then the chances are that they like you but they’re not saying it!

Long talks suggest comfort and they want you to be involved with the intimate details of their lives. However, you want to make sure that you’re not treading the lines between the friendzone and being liked.

If you have the opportunity to ask her out – you definitely should. Don’t panic if you’ve got it all wrong, because you can always be friends! 

8. She Shows Signs Of Jealousy

One of the biggest ways you can tell if a girl likes you but doesn’t tell you is if they show signs of jealousy if other girls are around you or speaking to you.

These signs may be difficult to see sometimes. However, if you are interested in the girl – you need to be careful not to ruin things with them and make it clear that you like them back. 

If you don’t, they may feel as though you don’t care for them and you’re more interested in the other girls. After this, your long talks and perfect friendship you had could be ruined forever. 

Should I Tell Her I Like Her?

You should absolutely make it clear to a girl that you like her if you think they like you back but haven’t said it! Just always be prepared if it goes wrong and don’t panic! 

Final Thoughts

Girls might like you without telling you, and these are the strongest signs to look out for! We hope you both hit it off and everything goes well though! Good luck!

Emily Baker